BINANCE:BTCPERP   BTC Perpetual Futures Contract
These ascending patterns up to resistance levels often signal some kind of reversal. It could be to start a correction or a complete reversal. My bias is a correction to go higher. I have been calling for 41k for a long time and I can either see BTC fill that wick or go a bit lower to really run people out of the market.

On the flip side, the opposite could occur and a descending pattern could be forming to give us a quick continuation to the upside or we just start to range for a longer period of time. To really drive fear into the market.

I still do think we can reach 75k at least by the end of this cycle. I am no 100k to 200k moon boy. I Can see altcoins really picking up steam though as Bitcoin comes into this recovery.

The L1 FOMO has been seen and I think it will come to an end soon. Who knows what is next but don't go chasing these coins like ADA and AVAX which have already gone on a massive run. There is no point, just wait your turn.

I am also quite bullish . The daily closures today and yesterday also suggest more downside so I am looking for shorts..
Bitcoin seeing some major manipulation.

It still needs to pick a direction. It will be determined by which way it breaks

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