is BTCST about to create cup and handle pattern?

As per latest news about bearish trends in gold, USD and oil, people will look to invest in another things such crypto currencies for the time being.

I just look this time for 1D and 4h timeframes even that it was a rejection in LL which indicates the end of bearish trend in CURRENT timeframe (4h), also after checked pivot zones i saw that there are a couple of them which are quite important and it is just to wait for breakout to see if cup and handle patter will be created. Also checked squeeze momentum and i found bullish divergences in 1D. No MACD divergences till now, CRSI is overbought now which indicates a little consolidation in low timeframes which can be 30m or 1h in order to get "normal" levels. About supply-demmand seems acumulation zone was tested in past days and comes with a big spike but for now acumulation zone is ready to go to supply zone (red square in chart) as first target.