Whats NEXT For Bitcoin Now That AMAZON Has Denied Crypto Reports

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Well i think itll go to the point of consolidation at a major pivot and elon,cathie and jack will come out with a catalyst to do the same movement they have paved in the last pump because gotta think amazon aint the only 1 with pump capabilities so itll be interesting to see what catalyst they will pile up
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@GioThaKingo, great work btw 👍✅✅✅
MartyBoots GioThaKingo
@GioThaKingo, Nice mate lets hope the keep pumping lol
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let them talk, they lost big with the BTC fall and lost faith. Proof beats negativity. I got the same reaction just ignore them. Great work
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@TKProphet, Thanks mate , keep up the great work yourself
awesome work,thank a lot for sharing. You are so awesome! :)
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@CryptoSnoopy, Thank you
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Today proved Amazon wasn't the reason for the pump. As usual media makes the narrative out to be what drives the market when in reality its the fundamentals completely separate from the news that drive BTC.
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thanks. good ideas. this is something
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