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Well, let’s start with the bullish sigh on the Chart! You can see the crossover between 50 MA and 100 MA. It indicates that we will see the new Global High! Of course the movement from $10.930 down to $10.300 where we are now, looks scary. Let’s take a look closely to this situation.

Pay attention to the period that I marked blue, in this area we can see clearly there is a good volativity
and the recent movement from up to down doesn’t look so scary now. You can see the same in the previous period too.

Some more factors:

Capitalization of BTC Morning: $
Capitalization of BTC Evening: $184.796.467.494 (by coinmarketcap)

By this fact we can’t make any conclusions, but it tells us that volumes are inside the market, more than that ones are coming inside the market. Is that bad?
Also RSI is moving in the middle of the range and is not out of critical borders.

Conclusion: based on this information I think situation is pretty stable, we might continue Shorting in Short Term, and will grow in Mid and Long Term.

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