Prophecy of Asuka - 87000$ BTCUSD next July

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
On 21 January I posted my prophecy on 4chan. I am sure you already heard about that.

I correctly predicted the recent pump. I predicted 5400 in April and 9200 in July.

You know both predictions are correct!

How have I been able to predict this run-up in January?

I cannot tell you now, because you would not be able to comprehend it at the moment. I will give you more details in the future when time has come.

I know many people will not believe me, but that is your problem and I do not care. I know that Bitcoin will reach 87k next year in November.

Also 87k is not the end rather the beginning. I will update you when time comes.
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In decades to come, people will still talk of the Asuka Effect.
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@RealMcafee, 87,00 here we come
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I Thin this Account is Fake. i think "The charts don't lie" not Twiter and discord. sure.
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AsukaChan loveasuka
@loveasuka, It is not fake and you will see
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loveasuka AsukaChan
@AsukaChan, Thank you. I hope. love you.
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AsukaChan loveasuka
@loveasuka, love you too :*
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ShaleIntel AsukaChan
@AsukaChan, i believe unexplainable methodologies you have show via chart is simply a savvy way to build your social media following
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Nazakka AsukaChan
@AsukaChan, Loves from Turkey , I hope everything like your prediction. We are all waiting for 16 k for october. We are ready...:)
Ur not the real asuka
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damnn thats big bullshit
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