Breakout will fill your Cubboard with money, Bitcoin!

GEMINI:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar

  • CMP 9750 (Price in middle of breakout boarder)

Above 10000, the price can test 10415-10735/11000+

Below 9500, Targets 9270-9150-8835

Hit: Use the ALERT function at the boarder of the breakout.

Price Action with Volume - Weekly
  • 9550 below, we see a fall up to 9270-9165
  • There is not worry to buy above this level.
Comment: exactly fall from 1000 to 9250, after breaking 9500 we seen expected levels.


is there a way to block people so I don't have to see their trash analysis?
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Chris_P_Bacon bigdaddy37245
@bigdaddy37245 I need that, too
Rofl.. this clearly shows you no nothing about stock market. BTC has touched its high.. its gonna fall
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TradingView needs to add dislike buttons
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@JohnWyck, create ticket for it.
JustinB123 JohnWyck
@JohnWyck, lol
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My cupboard is soo filled with money right now that I can’t even close it! Your signals are the best! Whoever says otherwise is an idiot.
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@Mossad1127, Thank you very much.