Bitcoin Weekly Is Revealing (Bullish Engulfing)

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While the daily action has been zero after the bullish breakout, Bitcoin weekly is giving us several clear signals as to what might come next in the short term.

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Bitcoin Weekly Chart Analysis

  • Last week Bitcoin closed with a green candle that completely engulfed the previous weekly yellow candle. This makes up the bullish engulfing pattern (you can check the "related posts" for additional information on this pattern).

  • We have the ADAM & EVE bottom formation, which I drew with some green arrows.

  • The MACD is showing a young bullish crossover with the histogram turning in favor of the bulls.

  • Price bounced (last week) before reaching MA200 (black line) which is a signal of strength. If Bitcoin were looking down now, it would at least challenge this resistance level , but it didn't.

  • On a break to the upside, Bitcoin can easily test EMA200 (orange line) sitting at $4141.8. In order to challenge this resistance level , EMA10 ($3905.5) needs to be broken first.

Conditions for change: If Bitcoin fails to follow up on the bullish engulfing pattern and breaks down, you can expect it to first find support at $3405.3 followed by $3342.1 (BitFinex). These levels are marked by the last low and MA200.

My view: I believe that Bitcoin will break to the upside from late Wednesday to Saturday this week. There can be small retrace/correction before this happens with a 100/150 points swing. This can be seen on my XBT LONG trade chart:
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Where do you think Bitcoin is headed next?

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Comment: Let's take a look at some of our active altcoins trades while we wait for Bitcoin to make its move... Altcoins have higher profits potential as they smaller market cap.

Mithril (MITHBTC):
BitTorrent (BTTBTC):
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If you have any questions or need an update on any altcoin feel free to message me or leave a comment... I will be happy to assist.

Comment: Loopring (LRCBTC), which generated over 125% profits for us just a few short months ago, it is getting ready for action again...

Comment: BitTorrent (BTTBTC) Analysis Update by Request:
Comment: I believe STRATBTC will move again:
Solve.Care (SOLVEBTC) is facing resistance right now. This one too can generate some massive earnings, but highly manipulated so make sure to have a trade plan if you go in it:
Comment: Latest Bitcoin Update:
We are looking good on the weekly. EMA200 is the resistance to break.
Comment: Bitcoin is now trading above EMA200.

Bitcoin tried to break this resistance 5 times in the past 4 months without success. A close above this level will signal good strength for the bulls.

Weekly candle closes in 28 hours.

Here is the chart:
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Thank you :)
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@FRXMACHNE, It is my pleasure.
Thank You Alan, Perfect TA, short and smart
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AlanSantana iljaguzik
@iljaguzik, My pleasure. I am glad you like it.

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thank you Alan, pretty decent analyze,including alt coins.
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AlanSantana iljaguzik
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it's interesting let's make a trade
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I can provide something that something that supports BTC to be bullish short mid term if not a reversal.
2015 bull rally started with a weekly bullish engulf and had many such candles in the run towards ATH. Also, the weekly candle closed as Bearish Engulf after we hit ATH.

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@7wis7edfa7e, Thanks a lot for sharing, this is really useful.

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I thought id just compile all that into this-