BITCOIN - Updated Chart and Much Food For Thought ✌️😺

Ascending channel is a strong patternhttps://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/ascendingchannel.asp#:~:text=An%20ascending%20channel%20is%20the,that%20joins%20the%20swing%20highs.

Situation is definition of unclear today: Personally I am Long with SL the red level on my chart. Under that i will need to go short to the lower end of the channel but hey, this is Crypto: maybe a Pump towards 24k could be in play today.

As explained yesterday, weekends are slow (retail investors in stress) and Mondays are usually Red: ie: not the best time to trade but check my posts below with some nice shorts on Alts that made this weekend a great one already:
FIL Short
Enjin short
Mana Short:
Not to mention the Long ideas posted here that actually did well:
QNT Long

Some of you fail to understand that trading is not so much to predict the outcome..is to understand price better and learn how to trade high probability levels.

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