3 Bull Patterns on BTC about to trigger a bullish domino effect

DrDovetail Updated   
Priceaction is now for the second time solidly back above the bull flag we had been consolidating inside for the past few months ever since hitting the newest ath. It has also gone up to complete the left shoulder of an inverse head and shoulders pattern that is also overlapping the bull flag. We have yet to take price action above that neckline but by the prices current bullish behavior and how its not being rejected that heavily I would expect that we can at least send a wick above the. Teal neckline of the invh&s pattern wishing the next few daily candles if not the current one. Often times price action will go above the neckline of an invh&S pattern and then back below it multiple times before the real breakout gets triggered however in this situation, if price can maintain support above the top trendline of the green bullflag it will likely breakout of the inv h&s with way less back and forth above and below the neckline. The bullflag breakout will bring the momentum necessary to also trigger the invh&s breakout and as priceaction heads to both measured move price targets it will also surpass the purple line and flip it to support s well which is the rimline of a massive cup and handle pattern. This all culminates into one big bullish domino effect and that confluence helps greatly increase the probability of all of thee patterns confirming their breakouts. Not to mention another big invh&s pattern we confirmed the break out from many months ago had a target of 82k and we still haven’t quite reached that yet and in doing so, we also would trigger all 3 of these patterns so it may actually be the most appropriate 1st domino of this domino effect(will link that chart pattern idea below). However these 3 dominoes are clustered all very nicely together so it should lead to a pretty explosive move upwards. The inv h&S’s target is around 86k the bullflag’s target around 101k and the cup and handle target is 133k respectively. One last thing to mention though is that I am basing the bullflag’s price target of 101 k off of the size of the flag pole we see here on the daily(as well as the weekly) chart. Once you flip the timeframe to the monthly chart, you actually can see the pole of the bullflag on that time frame is much bigger and brings the bullflag target up all the way to 117k. *not financial advice*
Bitcoin took a dip back inside the green bullflag, par for the course..could even take an additional dip back inside to after the enxt time it breaks above the flag even. Stay vigilant. Thename of this game for many exchanges is to wear down the weak hands that have leveraged positions open once they are satisfied with ow may of those types have capitulated on the margin positions is when it will finally trigger a breakout.

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