Bitcoin's former support lines turning into resistance?

I can't say I'm bullish on BTC ... and I did fortunately liquidate my mining slush pool at $595, but I didn't necessarily anticipate this current price, at this time.

BIG news is the only thing that's going to save BTC , right now.

That said, I still have 0.2BTC left that came in from my miners last night. Anyone bulls want to buy it for $120? Because, you know... BTC above $600 and all that stuff =)
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ChartArt 2014-08-13 14:53:38.725564
"BIG news is the only thing that's going to save BTC, right now."

Sadly Wall Street might not be able to join this year due to regulation still being worked out. And 2015 will be too late.
Coinsidering pro 2014-08-14 04:50:29.925376
could be the "from the weak to the strong hands" phase...