BTCUSD: Potential rally ahead

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
1251 13 18
I think there is a distinct possibility that Bitcoin will rally strongly in the coming weeks.
Entering long now with a wide stop and/or buying any dip as long as above 232             .08 will yield a good risk/reward trade if proved to be valid.

Once this monthly bar closes, we will have confirmation of a monthly uptrend, and we already have a weekly signal in place, while price sits above the mode since the lowest low back in January.

Good luck!

Trade closed: stop reached: Target not hit, profitable long though.
thanks Ivan, I concur
This cool down will offer a great long entry, I'd like to buy some myself soon.
showho IvanLabrie
Thanks Ivan. I've been following your posts. Nice work you have out there.
Do you have an entry and stop loss in mind?
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Entry and stop is on the chart.
Try to buy any dip as long as above 232.08 (in Bitstamp).
IvanLabrie PRO IvanLabrie
You can close partially when it retests this week's high.
This might be behind this move: http://cointelegraph.com/news/114604/good-bitcoin-bad-bitcoin-blockchain-analytics-and-fungibility

I'm really tempted to jump in now, have to figure out the ideal lot size for okcoin futures.