BTCUSD Quick scalps [1/5/15m chart]

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
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Range scalping. Median shifts on HL and LH, currently 10.7k. Harmonic abcd structure ending on major bearish upper trend line , will increase shorts until HLs are confirmed with volume and momentum, in which they will be closed/flipped. Still in 80% cash, and scalping with 10%.

Why I prefer to scalp? More action is less boring and overal better gains on balance in high volatility ranges, a scalpers' dream.
You can use heikin ashi if you prefer with mfi+rsi or rsi+mfi+macd+td for better entries and exits.
Trade active: Close @ C

Keep in mind this is scalping and this is micro trading in a broader macro possible B leg ABC correction, in which C will be the measure move of the current trend (BC of abcd = A of EW; ABC of micro = B of EW; C == A in the downleg).
Trade active: Bought a bit more @ spot in the previous dip.

Target close for both 11k. Why? I'm not going to sleep in coin, volume is weak, have set alarms for breakouts for the bigger play tomorrow london time stock market opening.

Trade closed: target reached: Target reached 11k, 2 spots closed with profit

Next entry tbd. Too much sideways is no entry for me, it's getting a bit hairy at this point.
Comment: Medium risk aggressive entry @ green box (9.6k and a somewhat more conservative @ 9.2-9.3k).

If positioned in, watch closely if bluebox doesn't come resistance. If it is, immediatly sell for small profit, as a reversal might happen, which can go ugly on a larger timeframe.

Target quick scalp @ 11.15k to 11.4. Longer trajectory that involves higher risk and/or longer timeframe @ 11.8-11.9k with high resistance at 12.2k.

Play it safe.
Comment: ^
Comment: Blue box @ 10-10.1k. Note that the right fib is inverse extension and left is retracement.
Trade active: Short opened at 11.6k. Following chart I made 14 hours ago. Reason I didn't post was because I had 1 small long open and a small bag of btc (from the liquidation of all my alts (10%, since I'm 90% in fiat)) and missed the price I had set with $12 @ 12.8k...

TP1 = 9.9-10.1k
When it bounces and break red box, close short.

TP2 = 8.8-9.1k

Expect heavy fight back from bulls, but when downward momentum is there, it's not match vs an incoming train (see bottom at 6k). Wait for retracement to flip short to long or just close or settle it to be safe and wait until market settles. Looking at least to pierce through 50% of retracement to 61.80% from dumps to decide.

Maybe the trend reverses, which I think and have been saying for a long time with my friend milanjelic (also here on TV) that we're heading towards 4.6k, finally to be found in 2.4k range, maybe lower when regulations come in and exchanges are gonna close their doors when they refuse to be audited + open book to capture the market manipulators (spoofing, wash trading, etc.) which is illegal in the financial world with penalties up to 10 years of jail + 10 million usd finer. You know who owns #2 most btc in their pocket and you understand why this is much bigger deal than tether (whether it's backed or not is not important here), btc will eventually die, with or without this coming fud and/or dump eventually coming, not withstanding tech gets obsolete fast, when not maintained and upgraded to serve the needs as utility.

Another argument for the coming bear season is that smart money is not buying here, only joe fomo who gets rekted by market makers and scalpers that do quick trades to take profit away from whales.

Store of value is not an argument, but your rationalization to keep holding your bags. I've heard it all.

This is not bad, as finally the alts will be decoupled from btc, which is so hated by btc maximalists.
Comment: ^
Comment: ^ 12.8k should be 11.8k (which I missed with $12... shame on me)
Comment: 4H golden cross, another confirmation, expect price to bounce around this area of 9.9k.

To look further possibilities: Rebound to red box back to ichimoku cloud, then finally break to enter bear market and hit lower trendline again to go back to sept '17 levels.

Comment: Gonna close @ $10.7k as I want to call it a nice day. This way, I've made the damages whole by the missed profits @ $18 miss from the top. It's probably going to go down much further, will evaluate tomorrow morning london stock market opening time.
Trade closed manually: Closed short scalp @ 11.08k
Comment: Note that the chart is again painted for the dialy, showing a shooting star, which is a reversal sign. Also, on the weekly we cannot close higher than 11.39k in order for a reversal on the TDS, i.e. to continue the bull run by closing lower. Clever manipulation, nothing new in the 7 years of crypto trading.

So it is decided by the powers that be to go lower until sunday. Coincedence with the coming CME settlement on 23 feb? Again exactly the day of CME and CBOE as before or are we making it a self fulling prophecy? With "we" I mean it sarcastic, as all the traders in the world combined who are later to crypto don't even have 1% of the equity of one whalegroup.

Make of it what you will.
Trade active:
Trade closed manually: Short closed, be aware of the 8 and the higher low ;)

Will re-enter shortly again :)
Comment: Voilá, there he is #8, will wait for better price to re-enter ;)
Comment: Watch for red arrows (maximalize potential gains)
Comment: A much more interesting pattern is forming on the 4H (H&S) with a coming #8 on the TDS for a small long which can be flipped on the right shoulder + adding more to short for bigger gains. TP would then #1 C and #2 on the resistance red line + bottom of ichimoku cloud.

The short is less risky with better rewards giving the current trend.
Comment: More clear
Comment: Clarification + % targets
High risk entry @ A low reward + low risk entry @ B high reward. Confirm on 1 minute chart with entry on retracement when it holds or don't trade this.

Comment: 2nd possibility, which you SHOULD keep in mind, which is MORE likely to play out. Whale manipulators are clever, all the charts & indicators are too obvious, hence the less obvious is LIKELY to play out.

Know thyself and your enemy is half the battle.

Comment: Previous fractal in the making in reverse (see red curve line).
H&S would be invalid if we break neckline prematurely and ABC correction needs to be readjusted to lower C leg to bottom of the cloud, in which possibility #2 becomes more and more like reality.

Caution for short positions that entered late AND that are overleveraged, you want to keep a close eye on the 10.1k.

Trade active: My shorts are filled at 10.8 & 10.9 on the rebound while I was sleeping.
Target safe #1 10.1k.
Looking for target #2 9.65k.
Comment: H&S made invalid. ABC still valid, but don't count on it, as it can be used as coming bulltrap or aggressive bullrun up to 10.9k, as you can see in fractals from previous bubble. Note: possibility.

Short term targets are still in place and likely to be met again.
Mid term targets on early guesstimates in chart below

Trade closed: target reached: Short closed @ 9.8k, target reached
Waiting for next entry in the coming bounce, hopefully we will see a jesus candle, I doubt it will be a big one, if just a minor bounce.

Comment: Next trade buy spot @ 8.8k or short rebounce again ~10.3-10.45, depending on current trend and price + volume action