Moon Cancelled? 4 H EMA Golden cross is not getting any love :((

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Whazuup my people, hope you are having a terrific trading day and had a phenomenal weekend as well.

I think we are primed to have a nice 1000 USD correction within a very short time. 8.5 target lies on FIB 0.5 which is universally beloved retracement level for BTC and IMHO we will at least test this area today or latest tomorrow. Trend reversal theory will be confirmed or disproved based on the price action that we encounter back at 8.5K level. Current price action looks bullish , yet BTC has a habit of closing all the fast gains in a relatively prolonged downturn. Key pivots for me are at 10.3( closing and maintaining daily over there will be a confirmed trend reversal), the medium term-bullish scenario will be if we retest 8.5K and swiftly reverse to the upside.
Have a profitable day my friends and don't get rekd :))

Summary Answers:
1. Moon is not cancelled, going down to 8.5k level will test the bullish resolve of the current price action. If we start consolidating at levels 8.5 or blow I'd expect a further sliding continuation of a downtrend.
2. Why 4H golden cross did not get any love? - 1. It is too far away from the price action 2. Bulls are currently exhausted and do not have much power to push the price further. In fact, they are so exhausted that we have closed down an all the gains that preceded to the golden cross.