BTC - maybe one more short term move up before a break down?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Haven't got time to add too much to this (work - ugh!) but looking for 3700 to 3800 to be supportive in the short term. We can see a few things lining up here which show this should be the case - I like trend lines ;). Of course BTC can still crap all over this but it seems logical to me. I've got a bearish bias because of general sentiment and where we are at the mo - and I have to admit because I would love to see low 3k prices so I can't shake that bias from my head - though I try to be objective. I think we'll get a small short term bounce here soon - this descending triangle you can see in the overlay I don't think will play out to its target and the upper boundaries of the big triangle would then not be broken. I'm looking for the lower levels to be taken out to take us to either a retest of the lows or new lows but after a short term move up.

Not trading advice but my two cents and what I see :).