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Our previous chart got broken, mainly on time, despite people already turned bearish , this a very tricky, meticulous designed, chess like money game and several harmonics could play a role before the final target.

This is my second attempt on a new harmonic to get strong support and basis to trace risk management strategies.

If you find my charts useful and want me to keep going, please show some form of support, like, comment, share !
Comment: Market got a final go into support curve, if everything goes as expected next target is 5k, loosing the support curve means heavy bearish...
Comment: Market got below curve, look how it dropped exactly by crossing the dashed curve.
Comment: The next support curve is the 1.0 curve on this same chart, I will not make a new idea for now as this is currently my best view of market.
Comment: No updates recently just because we are still far from the 1.0 circle
Comment: Market touching from the lower side the 0.786 and also hitting the 0.382 std fib. All traced a while ago
Comment: Next target into 0.236 std fib at 5792
Comment: Hello guys, market hit the 1.0 circle fib and also 0.382 std fib, time for action
Comment: Exactly after the 1.0 circle fib market made a bold move heading to 0.236 (5792) std fib.
Comment: Looks like market have swing into another harmonic and our target will face delay on ETA, so I will wait a some days and make a new chart / idea.
Comment: Our Target got a hit a little bit later. Expecting some consolidation


the best TA that i have ever seen
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