Run to 30K BTC has begun

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Is major 1 in?

Hard to tell with how bullish BTC can be and just keep extending waves on waves on waves

the downfall to #elliottwavetheory is that once in an impulse there is no telling how extended a move can go and thus determining the exact point of reversal can be challenging. That is when you use other tools to aid your proposed idea. The best way to determine if the move is complete is how you correct and what pivots you sweep if any. We have swept a pretty important pivot in the med term so this is why i belive we are due for sub 10k minimum . After that is where we will monitor the charts rigorously to see if this proposal is true.

If BTC is to challenge this idea we must see some very significant buy back on the next move down (if we get it i am targeting sub 10k)
If the buy back is strong enough then we will throw out this idea and then say subwave 5 of major wave 1 is going to extend and run us to 20k, hard to beleive at this point though but i wont be blind sided by the move if it presents itself.

IMO #alts have suffered enough and many are down >80% thus i think its time... for #altseason
BTC must range for this to happen and i think this will be the most likely scenario moving forward
FIRST we need some shorts to exit which i think they will on this next small move up (wont clear highs before sub 10k to stay true)

If we have a long long complex correction similar to June 18'- Oct 18' then we are not in a new bull run and this chart will be re-evaluated for a more complex corrective phase

short term - bullish

med term - bearish

long term - bullish

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CHEERS , lets keep it rocking
Comment: Pretty much going to plan as expected

seems we are in a flat of some sort , we should know soon but i vote down as sentiment is too bullish
i like to be unpopular .

Comment: Looks like the whales want more blood in the water.

read commentary

only one way this blows the top off and thats with a new bull run to 20k

Comment: We nailed that entry
pattern evolved differently but arrived at the same point

13111.24 was hit but 13244.11 was missed by mere dollars with the high @ 13202.68

I think this happens next

lets see

Comment: W is in Working on X or B here
Comment: Now X is in

buyer anything under 9k stop at 8.7 looking to play X wave
Comment: Are not entertained ?

Big BIG coming week for my entire prediction

So far the pattern assumed has been spot on only difference is the expansion of X in price was much weaker than i assumed

Here is the update cheers

Comment: I forgot to keep this updated but here was the updates i sent over to the members of Elevate-Trading
in chronological order

Need i say more??

Comment: Huge update
remember how i mentioned initially we can be in a W4 ?
Well we happened to have just made a terminating structure (WXY) right in the appropriate time frame we look for

Comment: Just hit the FWD button .

Need i say more?
Comment: Coming to a pivotal point
Comment: SOOO a change.... but not much different

Comment: Noticed i didnt update here when we threw out the bullish aspects

Next time
Comment: That purple box was the magic spot :P
Comment: notice how our entry at 8813 was damn near the top? and our first area of interest was damn near the bottom.

currently in the orange B wave but im thinking we put in an X wave rather than a B .
Trade closed: target reached: First move to the downside completed, slightly different pattern but idea was held.
New thread coming .
Have a plan. Trade it!


following this closely, same opinion - thanks for your efforts in sharing
Great analysis buddy, @SatoshiHeavy

Awesome analysis
Amazing work, keep it up!