BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I like the confluence between the monthly support, weekly high, fib retracement and daily range high.

I'm expecting it to serve as support for the hidden bullish div to do its job.

I could see wicks below Q4 Open, so I still have to work my SL out or wait for the right moment. Maybe even a day or two down there to cook some shorts.

I've been trading for 3 months so you shouldn't be reading this... i'm just posting it for my future glorious/miserable self.
Comment: Didn't get the $8552 fill but catch it at $8642. I wanted to correct some things on the chart but TV doesn't allow it, so anyways i'm long $8642 since yesterday, i can still see it go lower to $8300 but not yet, first we go 8900-9000. I'll evaluate of exiting long there.
Comment: Here we are, $8552 was given. Many times indeed. The support is not reacting as expected. Waiting for it to break in a couple of days, unless we get a weekly close above $8735, but it looks less probably every day. I'll move my bids down to $8295.