'' Many are saying the bull has resumed, I politely and respectfully disagree as I see no indicators or any confirmation from breaking previous resistance levels. However as I have stated many times we do not trade nor invest on feeling alone we trade on probabilities. Price movement is not an indicator of a bull market as in any bull market we have selloffs and in any bear markets we have run ups. '' Quote from goldbug which is completely and utterly false. Bull trend is defined by higher highs and higher lows. This is what is happening in Bitcoin , so the bull is on. The market has gone up 50% from the 2975$ low btw. We never short a bull market, except if we have certain fundamental or quantitave + technical stuff which really scream to short. These things happen once in a while, otherwise you are going against the trend, who is your friend.

When you see people that have relatively new accounts, never traded the sector they are commenting on, write tons of stuff as if they are paid to do so and make TA extremely complex, always beware. Especially here on tradingview guys. People could be incentivized to spread misinformation, which costs them nothing. They have nothing to lose. And if you see someone not admitting a mistake for too long, don't trust them. They are not worth being a trader. Traders adapt and accept mistakes. It is part of the process of what makes us grow and become better. Never double down...

The reason why I didn't get to post my two ideas earlier is because I got banned... I got banned, as I got home tired and saw another idea of that goldbug telling people to go short again, after his call yesterday was wrong. That really infuriated me and I responded in an inappropriate manner. Hopefully some listened to me and went long, or at least... didn't go short! And look, I lose my temper when I see people that have malicious intention (at least in my eyes). I have never done this here on tradingview, so that should tell people something in its self. This is how I am and if people don't like me, report me or don't read my ideas. That's all you can do. Anyways, Jasper was the one that told me I was banned, so we chatted about the way reputation is calculated. He agreed that there are issues and that they are working on it, so I am hoping that things will eventually change.

Yesterday I was caught up arguing with people, so I forgot to mention about taking profit. Unfortunately, I don't have time to post regularly, so I rarely post ideas or give updates. Sometimes, if I see something very interesting and I have time, I let the world know. If people listened to my crypto ideas from early on, they would have had great results, both on the short and long side. My commodity and forex calls were pretty weak (unsuccessful or terribly wrong), as my understanding of the market was and is poor, hence I quit and focused on crypto.

As some may already know I went long at 3000$. Before today, I had sold half my position at about 4k and then sold the rest at 4440, waiting for a better entry. Sometimes we need to take profit guys, I did at 4440 and I will explain why. I just posted the index, but also what I was seeing in some exchanges. I can't name the exchange that I use, but I sold a bit before it hit the resistance there. The reason why is, that I always want to leave some breathing room. Never sell or buy on resistance or support. Always do it a bit below or above, to be sure your order gets filled. And never on round numbers like 4450 or 4500 or 5000.

Finally, like I said yesterday, keep things simple guys. Don't overdo it with indicators and lines. Also remember that on a bull market resistance means take profit, not short. I am waiting to see whether bitcoin goes above 4500 to get back in, if there are enough signs confirming to jump back in, I will. Otherwise pulling back to 3850-4050 is reasonable, but I kinda doubt it.
Oct 02
Comment: 4350$ is holding well. If it breaks next stop is 4260$. If 4215 breaks, things might get very interesting to the downside.

But, this now looks like a bullish wedge/flag. If it breaks up and above 4500, 5k will come easy.
Oct 03
Comment: 4260$ hasn't come yet, my target wasn't reached, but remember I never mentioned that people should trade here. We have a 9 countdown sell setup

Altcoins really are oversold, but with no sign of reversal. There is a chance that they might recover a bit while bitcoin rests.

Perfect sell setup with a doji to confirm it. Those who are new, should follow Tone Vays and watch his educational videos. The TD indicator is one with a trade mark, so I can't say much. It doesn't exist as proper indicator on TV as someone needs a subscription to use (maybe on bloomberg). 1-4 days of downside might come and then it will probably continue up. Because Tone has many followers and many are looking at this indicator, it has more power. It worked before as it is a great indicator, but now that more people use it, it is more powerful!

The comments on the indicator are not mine. This one is written that way that it shows when the perfect sell setup has come.


The point of posting chart is to share an idea. Charts are an expression, everyone has their style. Let's accept and not be overly critical of anyone's style or opinions. It's what you chose to do with the information that is shared here... and this is also subjective.
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nottsy graham.edwards84
@graham.edwards84, I am doing exactly the same thing. Expressing myself. Most people won't even care about what I say anyways.

When you change the definition of an uptrend and you've been wrong for 1000$ or more, I am gonna call you out.

There are many new traders rushing in everyday, especially for cryptos. It is so easy to manipulate things. I don't disagree that they have to study more and do their analysis, but that doesn't mean I am not going to tell the truth to others.
@nottsy, your version of the truth
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nottsy graham.edwards84

1) A definition isn't a version.
2) Tradingview doesn't allow people to change things. So go back to his history and see that he has been wrong for 1000$ and more.

so not my version of the truth. Simple facts. Now the rest are my version and speculation on his motives. Yes, these are what I think, doesn't mean they are true.
Make sure you tag @goldbug1 because he inspired you so much!
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I have noticed the same thing about goldbug1; she never admits to being wrong and unleashes a personal attack on anyone that disagrees with her. She has at least 1 cohort that does the same. In any case, I also thought the advice to short BTC the other day while it was at $4,000 was poor. We had dropped to the bottom of the channel, but we were still *in* the channel. I politely stated that I was waiting for further confirmation of price direction before acting and was personally attacked. And look where we are now. Even at nearly +$500 she won't admit to her error, but I can tell you exactly what she *will* do. She will wait until BTC drops below $4K and will then point to it and tell us how she was right. :x Even a stopped clock is right twice per day.
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@guppy_, Make sure you tag @goldbug1 because he inspired you so much!
guppy_ mightytrader
@mightytrader, he's (doesn't seem like a him, but if you say so) been trolling my posts for weeks. I hadn't mentioned him in weeks, but since he sees fit to seek out my posts and reply I'm not going to remain silent. I have offered to meet up with him so we can resolve this in person, but he's a coward and would prefer to hide behind his computer screen. I guess we can count on you to troll for him now also.
@guppy_, I really just wanted to see what he thought.

Personally, I think the whales, Jamie Dimon and Goldman Sacs love this slow movement.

The only thing BTC has to do is slowly creep up. It doesn't need to PUMP at all. It can just go up $100 a day... for 3 days in a row... then drop $200 the next day. Then go back up $300 over 3 more days..

And eventually... We will reach $6k.

Also: Eventually somebody is gonna PUMP this market.

I'd rather be in now than later.

What do I care if BTC goes down 50%? It's possible but unlikely.

In the meantime, I'll be in bottomed-out coins like Counterparty and await for my 300% gains.

And have more BTC as a result. So when BTC does go to $12k by the end of the year... $$$$$ CHA-CHING!! BABY!!! $$$$$
@guppy_, BTW... all this scare stuff is crap. Look how much NEO and other coins PUMPED after this China stuff. It's always something. Just gotta sell after a good profit and buy the panics. And don't think in USD.

Who cares about complicated TA. I agree with @nottsy

Myself? I just pray to The Messiah, Jesus.
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