Bot Long Position Update

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Update to the very bad placed strategy long which only was reduced... not closed

The long position was drawn aggressive to the right level by the Strategy...

As i have seen that major drawdown now twice i came up with that new indicator on the bottom, to filter such events out in future to set a SL after the reduce command.. may will help to get even higher P/L

The P/L Factor did get a serious hit, from 17 to approx 9 :-(

What to learn out of that... more intelligent Position managing,
came up with that little toy here.. may i have to change the backtest again....

bit 00 Long no filter (dca resume adding)
bit 01 Short no filter (dca resume adding)
bit 02 Long Start
bit 03 Short Start
bit 04 Long Stop
bit 05 Short Stop
bit 06 Trend Up bit1 (intra-Indikator)
bit 07 Trend Up bit2 (intra-Indikator)
bit 08 Trend Down bit1 (intra-indikator)
bit 09 Trend Down bit2 (intra-indikator)
bit 10 (next TP Long ?)
bit 11 (next TP Short ?)
bit 12 Frei (Intra-Indikator)
bit 13 Frei (Intra-Indikator)
bit 14 Frei (Intra-Indikator)
bit 15 Frei (Intra-Indikator)

huuuuiii a lot of work

The 15 seconds bot did die.... what else to expect... it was long too, no screenupdate here, because of only 1 day backtesttime @tv 15sec chart