BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
This market has been god awful boring (for Bitcoin that is) for quite a while. Quite frankly I have not been charting it as much during these past few months. I think my brain has just drained all the TA information as I picked up such terms as float, degree of operating leverage, days sales outstanding, covenant et. al. In any case, Bitcoin seems to be just about as active as I am in charting. Sure a little volatility here and a price spike there, but there is no definitive trend to be seen in sight for the near term.

Now, what I really want this Christmas is for Santa to come down the chimney, hack onto people's laptops; phones and desktops and start buying up some Bitcoin . Lol, like that will ever happen... one can only dream right?

The more realistic scenario is giving through the tunnel of tranquility. I think Bitcoin wants us all to take some time off away from the charts. Then while we are not looking... BAM, it roars back to life.

* PSAR - for now it says SELL, but I think it will turn around here soon if we keep on cruising at the same speed down this highway.
* RSI - As I said on the chart it seems it has never quite hit Overbought for very long. Seems to be that we have acquired some unsure badgers.
* Stoch - Does what it wants and says it wants to go down again. Likely will but it already is below 50 with moves that are hardly budging that I do not expect any more movement down that is significant.

I guess the targets are on the chart. IDK I sort of half @$$ them.
On the very short term I see 347 being a target or at least the body of a candle.

I also got a little bored and decided to draw Santa in a sleigh. Merry Christmas (or Happy whatever you celebrate) and Happy New Year.

I'll be going over some TA again as I think it dissolved from my brain while I was away.