$bitcoin looking great, is there still disbelief? have people

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
who have gotten shaken out back in the game?

do you think ATH will be breached?

I do!


could we see another big correction dip before that ?
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BallaJi Ihave2tickets
@Ihave2tickets, Hi buddy.. been away from the computer for a few days. Dips are always part of the game right! lol... it appears that running correction down to mid Bollinger band was another entry point... The trouble now it does appear we have some divergences. And 50K is psychological barrier. That being said taking out 50k with force, will probably bring in a new wave of buyers. As the bear trap narrative dissipates.

My whole thesis of not having much or if any exposure to bitcoin, the risk reward is truly price dependent. The higher the price, the higher the risk. It does not sit well with me... That is why I prefer only to hold HEX for the long term.

I will probably take a deeper dive on the crypto markets this weekend. Cheers!
I do believe all time high in a couple of months.
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BallaJi Cryptolover333
I would say even as early as mid September
I got a 80-88K target zone before another shake out
just my likely scenario guess
@BallaJi, me too same and I think by December we could top up the Cycle at around $136,000 usd.
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BallaJi Cryptolover333
@Cryptolover333, Seems reasonable to me. Staying nimble is key! And keeping an eye on broader markets... The big market participants have shown their hand, and have decreed BTC to be. risk on asset. And has not performed as a safe haven yet... Until changes (black swan event... dollar crash we gotta respect what the market is saying)
It's why HEX is superior... at this point in time. During pullbacks in crypto and the covid crash.. HEX PERFORMED magnificently!
Money will flow into vehicles where it is respected. It's why always look for opportunities to purchase more at a discount... which is hard but possible (limit orders are available on Uni V3)
@BallaJi, that is true.