BTCUSD STAMP: Decided to Create a New Publication. The other...

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
...publication was getting too long to scroll through. As usual, I'm going to copy and paste the cover chart again here in comments because TV will probably scrunch it up:

IF you have followed the previous BTCUSD STAMP Publication, you already know I exited BTCUSD and made entry on several alt coins. I'm still holding a little bit of FIAT.

I will continue this thread with a repeat of the last 4 or 5 posts I made in the previous publication for those who have not kept up and know how I got to where my current position is.

Here we go:

7 Day TF: Only pay attention to text bubbles for now. I still have yet to do FIB's for 0.618 RT .


This is simply to provide an example of WHY I place my 0.0% and 100.0% where I place them. It's based off a theory I made created called Loaded Guns Theory which is KIND OF similar to Elliot Wave Theory.

Note the example of the RED TEXT BUBBLES.

I will provide a more thorough example of another rule that must be obeyed IN THE EVENT we have a DOUBLE MARK UP instead of SINGLE MARK UP. We had a DOUBLE MARK UP from $891.33 to $2980.00. Therefore, the rule applied there for the NEXT 0.618 FIB RT FROM THE NEXT ATH required placing the 100.00% FIB at $1,830.00 and the 0.00% @ $4,979.90. The $1,830.00 was considered the 2nd Gun Down.

I'm going to go to sleep shortly. I've been awake far too long. I'm going to make sure I sleep on the bed this time instead of falling to sleep on the couch. ;-)

I'll catch y'all later on.

Cheers and Happy Trading!

Comment: I got to thinking about one more thing. As most of you know, Segwit2x fork is due November 15, 2017 {A few more days]. From what I've been reading, it won't have near the adoption most people thought a few months back. Several have backed out. Which see:

So, I'm not sure how much of an impact Segwit2x will have on those considering possibly holding until November 15th. It's possible those WHALES who really could care less about Segwit2x may take advantage by consolidating and distributing heavily during this time; KNOWING they buy orders in the order books may be very much to their liking and after doing the math, they may see it very much worth taking advantage.

This was only a thought to consider. Why? Cause it's possible we go up one more time for kind of a double top. OR. It's possible Whales who do not care about Segwit2x take advantage of the situation and still make money off both (bitcoin core AND Segwit2x). Just saying...
Comment: Apologies for so many updates; which probably sends a lot of notifications to your email.

The purpose of this chart is to show what price point we are looking at approximately for year end (January 01, 2018). That's IF we have seen our LOCAL ATH and consolidating/distributing downside now to 0.618 FIB RT @ approximately $4,740 before going up to new ATH around $11,100. Which see:

Comment: If you're wondering where I'm coming up with this 2 guns down for 0.618 FIB RT and 3 Guns Down for next ATH to 1.618 FIB, it came from this chart I posted within a publication at least a year ago.

Comment: I know it's very busy. You would have to see the publication to see all the times I zoomed in to know what I'm talking about. That's also why I provided CLEAR examples earlier of 2 Guns Down for FIB RT 0.618. Now you're getting wind of 3 Guns Down for next ATH to FIB 1.618 before major consolidation event.
Comment: Also, Ignore what I said in that OLD chart about $1,692 by June, 2017. That's the ONE TIME we went PARABOLIC and had a DOUBLE MARK UP instead of a SINGLE MARK UP.

I honestly don't see a double markup occurring here. It's possible. Also, I did NOT have all the indicators back then that I have now.
Comment: I can tell I'm getting sleepy. I did the 3 Guns Down FIB Correctly to show next ATH potentially at $11,140'ish. However, I did NOT label the 3 Guns down in purple text bubbles correctly. Which see:

Comment: One more correction... NO BIGGIE... I saw I did not change the value (price) of the PURPLE 3rd Gun Down from $7,590 to $1,830. It's corrected now. That's the ONLY change made. No biggie...

Comment: The 360m (6):

Comment: Up Thrust After Distribution (UTAD):

Comment: IMAGE OF Wyckoff: Distribution Schematic #1
Comment: 2 Day TF Organization = No Biggie! Only Spring Cleaning ;-)

Comment: Wanted to add an update on the over all FIB from $2.22 to $7,590.00:

It's possible to go up to the Black FIB 1.618. Possible.

Also added yellow note and FIB to show what 3 Guns up Rule did on current 1.618 to $8,056.11

Comment: I also going to post here for a while to have a "portfolio" so to speak of my "good calls" and "bad calls"

When I post here, it can come in a spurt of several updates. I'll make sure to provide a link to here if I ever post a spurt of them at the following link:
Comment: Some info most may already be familiar with. If you're just following, you will want to look:
Comment: Much Needed Update Due to Recent Developments:

Just as suggested with the Black text bubble and the aqua blue circles I pointed out in regards to a repeated pattern within a link:
Comment: My bad, meant to post the chart in previous posting of same link:

Comment: MY BAD, Last Chart on BTCUSD for a little while...

Made important update to the Purple 1.618 FIB topping out January 11, 2018 before major consolidation event. Again, the 3 Guns down to the next 1.618 is not as accurate as the 0.618 FIB RT.

Decided to take the indicators off on this one to allow easier view of the FIB lines and values.

Comment: Update on the Daily with indicators included. Drew a few lines to the far right on a couple indicators. I'll post the 720m TF next WITHOUT EDITING LINES to see where they fall on the 720m.

Daily TF:

720m TF:
Comment: With indicators:

Comment: BTCUSD Update with Indicators. Only to have record of progress. 13 hours since previous update:

Comment: I'm still drowsy from another late nighter in the mining room. Two more rigs going now and Three more to go. I've been updating the AMD Drivers in each rig as I go. Also, just started running "Destroy Windows 10 Spying.' It's the bomb, in my opinion.

Barnacules Nerdgasm - Published on Nov 22, 2016 - Stop Microsoft Windows 10 Spying & Forced Application Installs. How to Take Back Control of Your PC.

Before installing "Destroy Windows 10 Spying," go through this "Walkthrough." It's important to "Create a System Restore Point" in your "System Properties" THEN "System Protection," THEN "Configure," THEN CLICK "Turn on system protection," THEN use your mouse to manually adjust the slide bar to at least 750MB . THEN CLICK "Apply" in lower right corner, THEN CLICK "OK,"

In his video, his was recognized and changed right away to where it gave no "WARNING" about no "System Restore Point." I had to "Restart" my PC's (rigs) for the system to recognize the change previously made in "System Properties."

Anyway, after you "Restart" you PC you continue per his 5 minute 21 second video Walkthrough, you should have no issues. I even "Ran" a "System Restore" one time for the heck of it and it worked fine. You will see you previously had taken away from Windows in a file with a date; CLICK that file then CLICK "Restore" and all is back the way it was. I did "clone" my SSD before doing this. Only a small 64GB SSD.

Daily TF Update With Indicators:
Comment: Another look:

Comment: Update on the Daily TF; No Indicators:

With Indicators; No Drawing Tools:
Comment: A "possibility" when looking at the 360 minute TF:

Comment: I know it's "busy." I mainly wanted to adjust different colored arrows I had inside the indicators. Which see:

Comment: Daily update:

Comment: We are seeing mixed signals. However, majority of signals pointing downside medium to significant. I'm going with majority. Let's see what happens. By the way, this is the 180 minute TF:

Comment: 90m TF:

Comment: Bitcoin is acting like it wants to go "honey badger bull mode (H.B.B.M.).

Certainly, very possible for it to go higher and stay along the upper quarter channel of the BIG Pitch Fork in the back ground angled upward. This would mean a whole new different route and "potential for "Double Mark Up" by new year. Will have to see. The first analysis is not thrown out yet.

Comment: This is what I'm seeing at the moment:

It's possible it does not drop all the way to the 0.618 FIB RT to $7,900.09. It may only go down to the 0.5 FIB RT @ $8,624.32. Why? Cause that's what the previous FIB RT did when we went down to $5555.55.

I got the current FIB 1.618 to $11,693.90 with my "3 Guns Down Rule." Same goes for the 1.618 to $15,849.93 at year end.
Comment: I noticed an error on one major FIB which messed up others. So, I made proper corrections. Previous note still applies only with SLIGHTLY different price points.

Comment: I personally believe we're going down within the next 24 hours. Could be 10 minutes from now. Could be 24 hours from now. In any event, I believe we're going down within 24 hours.
Comment: I'm pretty much convinced now after last year's Springs and this year's Springs, that all FIB RT's will RT to .5% FIB RT instead of .618 FIB RT. The .618 FIB RT does not come in play UNTIL the end of a Wyckoff Spring. I'm expecting the end of this Wyckoff Spring to end within the next 2 to 5 weeks. Meaning, our big consolidation event to the .618 FIB RT will be within 2 to 5 weeks.
Comment: Closer look in the 240m TF:

Comment: I'm beginning to have my doubts about this coming down below $9,000 USD. The previous dip went down to the .5 FIB RT @ $5555.55. This one appears to refuse to go not much lower than the .38 FIB RT.

More updates soon...
Comment: We are currently in the beginning stage of Phase C in this Wyckoff Schematic:
Comment: This occurs quite often with BTCUSD and other pairs. What does?

The price action going to the .236 before coming down. I usually place another FIB between the OVERALL 1.618 and 2.618 and the price action will go to the .236 if it blows past the 1.618 OVERALL FIB.

Here is XMRUSDT Poloniex as an example:
So you believe this is top @12697 currently? Or does stage C still have more time to run?
ProwdClown CryptoKnut
@CryptoKnut, I was expecting a dip here at $12,697 then back up once again for one more last run.
CryptoKnut ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Thanks!
ProwdClown CryptoKnut

Sure, but remember, these are my "opinions." I've been a bit hesitant about posting as much info in my ideas lately because I know whales also look at my TA.
Jour ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Your opinions are fairly accurate :-)
ProwdClown CryptoKnut

I only hope it does not do what NXT did at the 1.618 FIB by busting through it without a small correction.
Dashtothetop ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Is the USD Tether scam FUD a legit story or just that, FUD?
Wow you are the man!!!! so this is the dip to buy and then hold until $15k?
@ProwdClown great call on this minor correction! very timely
You've probably already seen it but in case you haven't you should read Bitfinexed's twitter:

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