BTCUSD Price Targets - 33k Bottom

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin did end up catching 33k support as the bottom. We didn't see a touch of 27k or something crazy like 24k or sub 20k.

From here, looking at the 4-hour of BTC it looks like this was the bottom painted here after wicking 33k for a 2nd time, along this rising channel around the $36-37k zone heading upwards to 40k and beyond.

The next major move for Bitcoin is going to be closing above the $39,696 - $41,337, and from there i’m expecting to hit the high 40s.

Bitcoin gained the $38k level as support and will probably squeeze out traders before hitting these long targets but these are valid if BTC continues to hold the $38k support:

TP1 🎯 $39,696
TP2 🎯 $40,707.64
TP3 🎯 $41,337
TP4 🎯 $44,854
TP5 🎯 $47,410

Please take a moment to read through my related ideas calling out the 33k bottom if you have a minute.

Thank you 😊🙏


You never know when it's going to turn down
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kyer BitcoinMillio18
@BitcoinMillio18, We'll see!
Wow amazing job
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@YMGroup, Thank you!
I love this method
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@AtlasTrades, Thanks me too
awesome review!! I agree with your tps!!
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@kliviarocha Thank you!!! Best regards 👍