September 28th BTCUSD Bitcoin Chart Analysis

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar


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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for September 28th .

At the top is a 30-minute chart created last week.

Same as the NASDAQ movement,
Without break away the green support line,
The up trend sideway move finished.

After break through the green resistance line /
sky blue resistance line,
One overshoot has occurred.

Finally, it was finished within the red parallel line.

There was no gap difrence the weekend,
And There is no problem with the balance of the indicators.

Week candle chart.

MACD dead cross is engraved on the bottom.

This week, As indicated,

Newly created floor section 1
No. 2, safety section

From the highest Purple point to the section where the uptrend continues I divided them.

Focusing on this part,
I brought a trading strategy.

This is today's trading strategy.

It is a 30 minute chart, one-way long position strategy.

Green resistance line / Orange trend line Check the triangular convergence section.

It's a vertical ascent strategy.

The purple section is,
You may also proceed with the Trailing stop loss function.

Instead of , orange trend line Breakaway -> Touching the green support line
Not good.

Stop loss when leaving.

It is a strategy to progress with short stop loss.

The spot exchange,

Same as Bitcoin Long Position Entry Timing

You can operate "Bitcoin Cash" and "Bitcoin SV".

I'll see you in the Nasdaq analysis in the afternoon.

Thank you.

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