BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Sorry for bad english first of all

Look at the blue support level that I predicted last week and look at where it bounced. Litteraly a perfect bounce on predicted level. Although I didnt thought it would go to that level. Besides that I think the markte is heading to a bad area altough I think that btc will come to the black cirkel. Many indicators suggest that btc chart wil go there. I didnt let u guys see because it would be to difficult to see. Besides that on the short term I think these couple of days the market will retest the support levels. If we hodl that then I will look at a probable fakouts that will lead to insane pumps.

Short term thought: short
Mid term thought: hodl long and sell at higher high
Long term thought: hodl for a couple months

New market update will come tomorrow with a clean new predicition

May be wrong may be true
Stay strong brothers and remember may the coin be with u oellewappers