BITCOIN: A fairy tale is a lie, but in it a hint.

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Hello, dear traders and friends, i will tell you fairy tail about Ilya Muromets and Fork of three roads:

On a clean field, on a wide expanse went the old Cossack Ilya of Muromets and drove to the fork of three roads.
At the fork, the fuel-stone lies, and on the stone the inscription is written:
  • "If you go straight - you must be killed,
  • to go to the right - you should be married,
  • and go to the left - to become rich".
Ilya read the inscription and became thoughtful:
- To me, the old, death is not written in battle. Let me go where I'm dead. "
Whether for a long time, shortly, he rode, thieves-robbers jumped out onto the road. Three hundred robbers. Grunted, swung with swords:
"We'll kill the old man and rob him!"
"Stupid people,"
says Ilya Muromets, "do not kill a bear, share the skin!"
And he put his faithful horse upon them. He pierced them with a spear and wiped them with a sword, and not a single murderer, a robber, survived.
He turned back to the fork and erased the inscription: "If you go straight, you're dead." He stood by the stone and turned his horse to the right:
"There's no need for me, an old man, to be married, but I'll go and see how people get married."
Went an hour or two and drove to the chambers white stone.
A maiden-soul ran out to meet him. She took Ilya Muromets by the hand and led her into the dining room. She fed and drunk him, admonished:
- After the bread-salt step, let him keep it down. . On the road, I must have been exhausted! - Spent in a special peace, pointed to the feather bed.
And Ilya, he is a savvy, he was a snob-dodder, he noticed what's wrong. He threw the beauty girl to the feather bed, and the bed turned, fell over, and the mistress fell into the deep dungeon.
Ilya Muromets ran out of the chambers to the courtyard, found a deep dungeon, knocked out the doors and let out to the light forty of the captives, the bridegrooms of unlucky ones, and the mistress of the redressed girl in the underground prison locked tightly.
After that came to the fork and another inscription erased. And the new inscription was written on the stone: "The two paths have been cleared by the old Cossack Ilya Muromets."
"I'm not going to the third party." Why should I, the old, lonely, rich be? Let some young man get the riches.
The old Cossack Ilya Muromets turned his horse and went to the Kyiv city court to carry out military service, fight with the enemy, stand behind Russia the Great and for the Russian people!
On that tale of the glorious, mighty hero Ilya Muromets ended.

Key level to hold selling pressure 8800. After that - First scenario will be valid.
If 8800 will support - Second or Third scenario move.

Good luck on your road!
Mar 09
Trade active: Bitcoin staying in front of Fork of three roads, and thinking
Mar 10
Trade active: Short-term upward movement, reversal candlestick pattern:
Bitcoin belongs to the Bulls this week...get long on dips if not already
Ty by eshe 10 scenariev narisoval, chtobi navernyaka potom govorit* "Ny ia zhe govoril..." :D
@AsTua, EW scenarios, thats it