Bitcoin - DCA Guide (Dollar Cost Averaging)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I've found that the Bollinger Bands that I use for investing in the stock market, also do work well for Bitcoin on the weekly chart.

In addition to just regular dollar-cost-averaging (DCAing), you can also purchase BTCUSD aggressively when the RSI falls below 40 and/or price goes below the lower Bollinger Band .

I do not however recommend taking profit at the upper Bollinger Band . This is because when Bitcoin again goes on it's raging-bull / moon-run rampage, it will disrespect both the upper Bollinger Band , and the RSI .

This strategy is best used as a companion to regular DCA methodology.

Note: Disregard the strategy performance chart below, as the Bollinger Robot is not tuned to buying crypto - so there are insufficient orders for the performance chart to show.