Bitcoin is going UP, give it to her long click style

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I don't have time to explain it..
Comment: right on path
Trade active: As you guys can see, still on course! The accuracy (sorry, my narcissism..)
Comment: First wave cleared, hope everyone made good gains! On to the next one
Comment: It's getting a bit hot in here!
Comment: don't panic we are still above anticipation
Comment: Hard dip right where expected, this chart is aging like fine wine folks!
Comment: This dip is centering right where we expected, let's see how this plays out next week!
Comment: The bottom is in! Now the question is who will be scared to buy? See you at the top folks!
Comment: This corona virus stuff is scary ain't it! Doesn't mean we won't remain on course! load her up boys
Comment: Oh what a beautiful day! Who would of thought after selling 10,000 we'd be able to buy it so cheap and recover so quickly! Will we hit our target of 7.7 by March 25th? Time will tell!
Comment: Captain Spoofy speaking, march 21st, 2020 -- we are now cruising at a steady altitude of 6,200, expecting bouncy turbulence come daily close between 5.7-6,300 (should close out over 6,088 today). As we move into Sunday, bitcoin will retain it's first mover advantage over the closed S&P 500 and DOW, allowing us to dump or pump at the first release of major impacting Coronavirus news. If all plays out well we will accurately reach our next target of 7.7k by the 25th prepping us for 11,200 by April
Comment: She is on fire! and possibly about to reconnect with the chart to the day it was predicted!
Comment: Well we didn't make the miracle reconnection to our chart pattern, but considering this chart was drawn before the coronavirus fud this played out quite nicely thus far, let's see if we can fall into our zone in the next week
Comment: How we looking now? are you getting the bigger picture? ;)
Comment: 🚀
Comment: you already know


and ur chart is wrong...
Sorry we crashed...just like i told you
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spoofyy icostats
@icostats, I'm shocked you predicted Coronavirus would impact the western economy to this degree, you should get a nobel peace prize or something. I'm currently infected, coughing all the way to the bank
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Simon111 spoofyy
@spoofyy, Rofl
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AvenueWork spoofyy
@spoofyy, lmao
spoofyy icostats
@icostats, Right on track for March 25th it looks like, that comment didn't age well ;)
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dopekraft icostats
@icostats, na YOU are wrong lol
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Ynotsend icostats
@icostats broke btch
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Hahahaha this aged well
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XRP_Nomad MrDiamondHands
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spoofyy MrDiamondHands
@MrDiamondHands, how about now?
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