Bitcoin Monthly Closes At $11350, Next Target Updated At...

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin had a very strong close in July at $11350, hitting a new high and the highest price since August 2019... 1 year ago.

This is a huge development and opens the door for additional bullish action.

We've been aiming at the highs $13k/$14k on multiple timeframes if the $10400/$10500 barrier was taken out...
This is true in the monthly timeframe as well.

Our next target for Bitcoin is sitting at $13,764/$14,000.

Same as with the daily and weekly charts:

Daily | Bitcoin Looking Strong to $14K, Waiting For Monthly Closure

Daily | Bitcoin Continues Strong | Bull Aims At $13,500 or Higher

Bitcoin Weekly Updated

The bearish view we saw recently has been completely invalidated and now we look higher as long as price remains trading above EMA10.

Altcoins market

A bullish Bitcoin continues to be a strong bullish development for the entire altcoins market.

As Bitcoin grows the altcoins can retrace or consolidate... As soon as Bitcoin stops, there can be an initial correction followed by strong bullish action.

Money flowing into Bitcoin when Bitcoin retraces flows directly into the altcoins.

As Bitcoin continues to break bullish , we can expect the altcoins market to continue to grow.

When prices drop and hit support for the altcoins, that's the time to rebuy and reload.

When prices move up and a new target/resistance is hit... That's the best time to sell and secure profits.

If you have a plan/strategy it becomes very easy to be successful when you trade cryptocurrency, we only have two options we buy and we sell.

Comment: For your entertainment...


As we are here...

We enjoy ourselves.

Many of us are happy...

So many are grateful...

Others take it for granted and even complain...

As we are here we experience joy every day...

And then Boom!

All is gone!

It happens without warning one day.

Be grateful for your life...

Comment: We know Ethereum and Bitcoin move together...
This happened sooner than expected for ETHUSD is nearing $400 already...

Other major altcoins are also starting to grow... See below:

Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin Cash

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Hey Alan!
Can u pls give entry and exit points like you used to?
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AlanSantana flameguster
@flameguster, For the altcoins or for Bitcoin?
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flameguster AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, both pls
once a trader realizes this fact

"we only have two options we buy and we sell."

and put emotions aside, many parts of the trading process becomes clearer :)

During the ongoing market "fundamentals" of huge money printing, i think buying dips should be the broad strategy...

for majority of instruments denominated against the US dollar.
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@Jad-87, Thanks a lot for sharing... This is great advice.

Great analysis. Btw sir is decreasing daily volume from last six days a big concern? In weekly chart as well, historically there is a boom with good volume, bigger boom with lesser volume and then biggest boom with lowest volume, followed by biggest crash with biggest volume.

Could next week be risky for btc?

Namaste and thank u for everything u do for us 🙏🙏🙏😁
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@KT_1993, Can be taken either as a weak market or a continuation signal... In this case, it is likely to be a continuation signal with volume coming in later on.
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KT_1993 AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Thank u soo much Alan. :))
I really gain a lot from your educational content.

Btw if I really want to play safe, I book profits in parts whenever btc /alts goes up. Now assuming a dump would come soon, which coin do u park ur funds with?

I will start investing the part of my profits with those coins to hedge. I don't mind missing out on profits, but no loss is my strategy
@KT_1993, I don't park funds... My strategy is continuous.

We trade altcoins to increase the total number of BTC.
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Good analysis.
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