Possible goldencross after higherhigh-achieving bullish breakout

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
We can see after the recent bullish breakout from the rising wedge we were in that BTC has finally achieved the ever elusive 1 day higher high a crucial move necessary to jumpstart the next bullmarket. We of course are eventually anticipating a higher low to follow it but we may keep forming this higher high a leg or 3 more upward before correcting downward to form the higher low...so while I anticipate we probably are more likely to continue up a leg or 3 I am leaving this idea neutral until I see a break one way or the other. Another crucial move to kick the bullmarket into gear is the 1 day golden cross. Because of the recent bullish breakout from the wedge we can now see the trajectory of the 1 day 50ma has bent very sharply north which has given us the potential for that ever important 1 day golden cross to occur by April 11th!! In fact we could just consolidate sideways in a bullflag for the next 7 days and we would likely see the goldencross occur! continuing upward would only make it occur sooner as well. Of course we could always bart back down before those seven days, or have a golden cross fakeout where the cross occurs but only lasts for 1 to 2 days before having a huge dump back down to the downside. Definitely a possibility to always anticipate. If we do end up having a sustainable solidified and confirmed 1 day golden cross then all thats left from there to fully confirm the bull market is that follow up 1 day higher low and one more 1 day higher high to follow it up. ('m already accumulating each time we trigger a new leg up in the meantime and will definitely be adding to my bags should I see a solidified golden cross confirmed.