Final destination

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Getting close to the apocalypse.

Get your sunglasses ready, for when it burns it will burn intensly.

I give it 1 more month tops. Maybe 2 becuase of so much manipulation and hardcore bagH0DLing from very sloooow people.

Stay away from this ponzi.
Sep 21

What it did each time was go break line, pullback (smaller and smaller pullbacks),
then go back up break it again & go 14% above.

This time I think it won't pullback, just go above it, then down down down, never any 14%
Sep 22
Comment: ETH:
If we retrace to the red box (225-235) everything is going according to plan.
Long target from my previous idea will be a little lower than the initial 300, rather 275.
Go short: Only if it gets close to 300 with your typical entry conditions filled (RSI above xx, macd divergence, pin bar, whatever you use but you HAVE to use something).
Sep 23
Comment: Monday October the 1rst, crypto dark day where the market crashed by 50% in a single day.
Sounds pretty good.

1rst week of october top reached, then crypto crash.

Just want this to happen fast because I like being right.

I just finished a custom indicator for Forex, got 1 more to do today and 4 more for later if I feel like it.

Hehehexd that 1rst custom indicator. The RR & winrate it gives me $skjshdlHHB??ù%$$
There is just so much potential if one spends the time. Scripts make it so much more powerful, a (very?) advanced trader can just look at dozen of charts every detail at the same time and filter everything with the help of custom indicators and just get high quality setups all the time. feels like cheating.

Going to adapt them to gold oil etc after.

Probably never use it for crypto, waste of time. I am only interested in making money, not in trading crypto to be like the majority.

Here is a video to help you make your mind about quitting wasting time with sidewayscurrencies:
Sep 23
Comment: OMEGALUL was wondering what indicators people used and what style they had and I stumbled on the all time most popular idea.
Bitcoin obviously, an idea dated from the 19 january claming the correction is over (ye, sure). There even is an error in the title.

Sep 25
Comment: I closed 90% of my ETH long. Because of pea brain bagholders that cannot figure out they got scammed this pathetic market moves super slowly.
Most of the profit I locked in long and short vanished through funding and rollover so why bother? Should I hold ETH another 2 months just to get my fees money back if it goes up only?

Very negative sum game.
Absolutely pointless.

Still holding that short on BTC since 7200.

One of 2 things will happen:
A- We crash. A quick dump. Bounce then re-dumps.
B- We slooooowly go down.

Its probably going to be B.
Same reason why ridiculous scams on the internet work (nigerian prince asking 5000$ to unlock 1 million he will share with you, people that fall for this are amazed to find out it is not real. Ex2 you are the 100000th visitor and won an iphone for 1£ just clic here and provide your credit card number.

This obvious ponzi has so clearly been targetted to uneducated and vulnerable fools, that legit think they struck oil, now there is no way they will change their minds and sell hence slow downside.
They are several of these and they talk together, they feel stronger and right since others think like them.

This is the exact same as members of sects.
Even when their guru gets convicted with proof they throw themselves in front of bullets and it is impossible for psychiatrists to ever fix them.
Some of these gurus told their brainwashed idiotic cultists "I will take your wife. Your daughter too." Guess what, the subhuman garbage retarded monkeys gladly gave their wives and daughter away.

Tbh I think crypto cultists are much more stupid.
They get convinced to buy and hold by people that:
- Tell them they bought early, so clearly are interested in greater fools coming in
- Have NO RISK. There is (supposedly...) no jail for all these scammers. They have every reason to scam, and no downside.

Hey lets buy worthless magic beans that give us no right, do nothing, are pointless; why wouldn't we? For a whole handful of years bigger fools have kept buying this crap, defying the bearish economists the laws of logic and proving how stupid people can be when a shiny magic carrot is held in front of them.
Sep 26
Comment: bcash nerd hating on Bitcoin :p

It is pretty amazing that this guy seems to think anyone cares about all his facts.

Being 100 times better than Bitcoin did not stop his beloved bcash from dropping 90%

No. One. Cares. About. Crypto.

They just care about seeing the price go up or down.

Watch ponzi coin cataclysm to ZERO in a few years as morons that don't give a rat's ass about it ALL SELL.

And all the pre-2013 investors / developers that thought it could be used as a currency are either dead, in jail (half or more of the club are criminals), hiding, or clearly stated - and they never lied until now - that they did not believe in Bitcoin anymore.

The only "H0DLers" left are post 2013 bagholders that bought because the price went up. They won't EVER support it if it does not go up past 20k in the next 5 years. They might or might not sell, but more certainly will not buy and no new buyers = we can only go down.

The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people.
Hi Renev,

I had a similiar target for ETH, but why the caution for going short closer to 300?
@OBR, Because I think there is no resistance before 300, maybe there is idk. Not going to bother checking the chart I am too busy finishing to design a strategy with Forex, why would I waste time on something that gives me 50 times less opportunities?
Thanks for your chart. Here is my idea.

Thank you for your work!

Here's my Friday Sept 21 analysis | I discuss 6800 resistance | Multi time-frame resistance levels | True bull run vs. bull trap:
Disagree, but really thank you for share your analysis. I always like to see different points of view.
and btw never say never
like this symmetrical triangle that was bearish and so many ppl called for a doom? we'll see

MrRenev CaptainX
@CaptainX, Like that time someone said "we will never see another dodo if we do not stop hunting them" and an eupohoric joyful hunter told him "never say never"?

I do not call the market direction based off ridiculous shapes drawn on a chart. Just trendlines as support/resistance.
CaptainX MrRenev
@MrRenev, well right now it's inside a descending triangle which is bearish but if it clearly breaks up the resistances you're looking at will be broken
grm971 MrRenev
@MrRenev, Hi, any stock asset is ultimately a ponzi system: that's why we can trade again and again. BTC & Co are not dead :)
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