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Mr Trump has strongly disapproved of Bitcoin . The markets couldn't care less. People are holding on to their Bitcoin in a zone of consolidation on the daily time frame.

The consolidation pattern is safe down to around 9500. Bitcoin reached 10 times the recent high price of gold at one stage.

I look at possibilities positive and negative for the future.

For a comparison of Gold v Bitcoin see here.

Declarations & Disclaimers: I have not engaged in contentious political discourse. I have simply reported the whole truth of Mr Trump's opinions. I have shown that the zone of consolidation disregards Mr Trumps views. Trump's opinions are relevant to traders as his words have potential to influence markets of various kinds. No liabilities accepted for your losses if you trade bitcoin based on anything said or perceived to be implied by this post.
Comment: All 'soldiers' prepare to stand firm! There is a battle ahead. When you are threatened do not seek your own self-interest. This could be the fight for freedom of the world!
Comment: Bitcoin may become a political football!

Stand firm - avoid being pressured but manage your gains and losses.
Comment: As I expected - there is consideration of Trump banning bitcoin. Whether he does so is another matter. Expect nervousness in Bitcoin market. Price could head below 9500 as many people run scared.
Comment: Trump is predictably unpredictable! Markets don't like this sort of thing.

The probability of an executive order banning all transactions related to Bitcoin is one that cannot be avoided. Some may think that the probability is low - that's fine - but the consequences for the whole cryptosphere could be catastrophic.

Just join the dots on Trump's behavioural patterns: you can see that he'll do what you least expect!

Opinions here are not to be construed as financial or other advice. Your losses are your own if you come to be influenced by anything in this post or related. DYOR and make your own decisions.
Comment: GET READY!!

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