BITCOIN | BullRun 2020 Ahead..!!

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
BTC/USD (Update)

In Weekly Chart, Bulls Facing Crucial Resistance (9.6k)

If Bulls Cleared the Resistance, Expecting Bitcoin Bullrun in Coming Weeks.πŸ“ˆ

If Bulls Failed to Clear the Resistance, Bitcoin Might Retest the 6k Area in Late June..!!

Volume has been Decreasing from last 4-5 Weeks, While Bulls Need Power to Clear the Resistance.

I think Bitcoin Might form another Lower High before Breakout. (But We Should Wait for Clear Direction, So far There is no Sign of Breakout or Reversal)

In Weekly Chart, Bitcoin Printing 9th TD Bearish Candle & Facing Major Resistance as well..!!

If Current Weekly Candle Closed Below Resistance (9.6k), We Might See Bearish Wave in Coming Days.

In Shorter Timeframe Chart, Bitcoin has been forming Triangle But Not Completed yet, Expecting Tiny Bearish Wave towards the 9k before Breakout..!!

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Great education. Here's my analysis.
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6666 is the mark of the beast (well, 666.....)
+1 Reply
I hope for that πŸ”Ί and expect cheap cheap prices πŸ˜„ but you never know 🎯
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Faibik Cryptalion
@Cryptalion, Right
BTC now is not Bitcoin... bull runs now only on BSV(real Bitcoin from White Paper 2008)

+1 Reply
Faibik astromaniak
@astromaniak, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us
Faibik astromaniak
@astromaniak, BSV will Disappear in Next Few months
+4 Reply
BoardSurfer astromaniak
@astromaniak, Lol, wishful thinking and just plain wrong.
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In my opinion, this scenario is very valid
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