#bitcoin Head & Shoulders failure - how to spot maybe

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
These other charts show how this custom signal could be relevant to a trading strategy Not Advice DYOR
Comment: With stockmarkets looking to retest lows how long can this H&S remain intact
Comment: Hmm
Comment: #Nikkei225 in a sweet spot on the monthly 40 MA let's hope it stays that way. NOT ADVICE. DYOR #NI225
Comment: #Nikkei225 this chart has got me scratching my head. Needs some adjustments maybe. Still it looks cool. NOT ADVICE. DYOR
Comment: #bitcoin using VIX as bitcoin thrives on fear. Key is Williams Fractals. For each fractal top I marked with red vertical if VIX negative & green reverse Then looked for support and resistance patterns White horizontals are current interest in this first study (second chart same but with fractal lows) NOT ADVICE DYOR
Comment: Oops. Trendline broken
Comment: Cool
Comment: Cool
Comment: Update: Notes on chart

Comment: Price may not have closed yet below my orange support lines of $3832 & $3714 but for now the bullish trend line is looking dangerously broken. Worst month for these signals since DEC 2017 was OCT 2018 got whipsaw (see previous charts for construction). Not Advice. DYOR
Comment: So many bear signals. Bulls struggling. See chart. For signal construction see previous posts. Not Advice. DYOR
Comment: #bitcoin SELL SELL SELL MAYBE. Check yourself. Construction mark all consecutive Williams Fractal highs both must show MACD Histogram in green >0 boxed yellow. When next flip red 0< box with purple to the low. Then with stats work out your strategy. NOT ADVICE. DYOR.