BTCUSD: Serious Risk of Proximity to 11-Day Orange Lower B-Band

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Hi Everyone! Simply letting you know we are at serious risk of falling down to PROXIMITY of Orange Lower B-Band in this 11-Day time frame. As you can see, the Orange Lower B-Band is currently at $14,4xx. We have 7.5 days remaining in the current 11-Day candle. The 7.5 days remaining includes the 4th of July U.S. Holiday. I simply wanted to inform you of this risk.

You can click the plus (+) symbol that appears at the bottom of the chart to stretch out the chart and drag the chart left or right to see the Orange Lower B-Band more clearly. This is an "interactive" chart.

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!


Pulled Back View of 11-Day time frame:

Zoomed in View of 11-Day tiem frame:

3-Week time frame:

Current Macro View of Wyckoff Accumulation. We are in the "Back-Up/Last Point of Supply Event" of Phase D of a LARGE Two Tiered (level) Accumulation Schematic.

History of Bitcoin Using Wyckoff Method - No Detailed Events Within Phases:

LET ME BE CLEAR: I'm implying during the remaining time of our current 3-Week candle and the next 3-Week candle; we are at serious risk of continuing expansion down. We may BEGIN to potentially fall the week of July 4th U.S. Holiday but not necessarily reach the bottom on that holiday if we begin to fall. All I'm saying is we are at continued risk of continuing to fall as long as the Red and Blue Lines in the 3-Week continue to fall below level 20.
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I'm quoting "CognitiveCarbon Public"

"They" wanted you to experience emotional pain from the plunging exchange rates
to force you out of the cryptocurrency markets. "They" don't want you to put your
savings in something that isn't a bank that "they" control. So, "they" HELPED burn
down the crypto markets, so that you would do precisely that... SELL AT A LOSS.

"They" want to sour your opinion of cryptocurrency, so that you will run away from
it in the future and retreat back into "their" open arms of "safety" in FIAT currency
and banks UNTIL "they" FORCE you to use "their" Central Bank Digital Currencies.

But, if you haven't sold your crypto holdings, you haven't really lost anything.

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7-Week time frame:
Comment: UPDATE:

Entire Mid Term Group of time frames (4-Day, 8-Day, 9-Day, 10-Day, 11-Day, 12-Day, 13-Day and 2-Week). We have a NEW 9-Day, 10-Day and 12-Day candle beginning in approximately 11 hours 45 minutes from this writing. Bitcoin desperately requires the Green Line, Red Line and Blue Line to turn UP in the NEW candles beginning in less than 12-hours from now.

Mid Term Group:
Comment: UPDATE:

Entire Near Term Group (12-hour, 24-hour, 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day, 5-Day, 6-Day and Weekly):

Entire Short Term Group (30-min. 1-hr. 90-min. 2-hr. 3-hr. 4-hr. 6-hr. and 8-hr.):
Comment: UPDATE:

We begin a NEW 2-Month candle in a couple of days. The NEXT 2-Month candle is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Which see...

Comment: UPDATE:

Let's NOT FORGET the NEXT 2-Month candle for the LEGACY markets either. In my opinion, we have seen NOTHING yet for LEGACY markets. We are just getting started on this current move down; which I pointed out on June 3, 2022. The reason I'm bringing up legacy markets is because I believe the Central Banks loaded up on crypto currencies like they have on stocks in legacy markets and they plan on dumping crypto currencies in similar fashion to the legacy markets. Why? Well, I posted a quote earlier in other social media to explain WHY. Here is the quote in the purple text bubble on this 3-Week chart:

Click "PLAY" on the following LEGACY market publications I'm posting below:

Keep in mind, the first 3 of 4 publications high lighted the 2-Month time frame.

Now click "PLAY."

S&P 500 Possible 23 to 30 Percent Drop Beginning Next 2 Month

DJI: Potential 23% or More Drop Beginning Next 2-Month Candle

CCI: Potential 40 Percent Drop Next 2 Month Candle in 27 Days

AAPL: Potential $120 to $105 NEXT 6-Week Candle in 14 Days
Comment: UPDATE:

I was asked in comments, "Great, but could you tell what exactly would invalidate the risk? In other word, what level should BTC reach for the risk to be invalidated? By the way, tanks for your detailed analysis."

ANSWER: CLOSING Above the 288 Moving Average in the 5-Day time frame can potentially "invalidate" this analysis. The 288 Moving Average in the 5-Day is currently at $22,143.xx

Comment: UPDATE:

Simply Plotted our Long Term Distribution Schematic. Which may be acting as our "Back-Up/Last Point of Support" event of our MACRO Accumulation Schematic.
Comment: UPDATE:

CORRECTION: I meant to say, "UP-THRUST AFTER DISTRIBUTION." NOT "Up-Thrust/Last Point of Supply." This correction was made in Phase C on this Long Term Distribution Schematic.

Comment: UPDATE:

In case you're wondering...

Yes, there is such a thing as an "Up-Thrust/Last Point of Supply" event. These are actually MORE COMMON in crypto than an "Up-Thrust After Distribution" (UTAD). Which see...

Here is 2014 Distribution in which we had NO "Up-Thrust After Distribution" but we had an "Up-Thrust/Last Point of Supply" event in Phase D and in Phase E. There was NO "Up-Thrust After Distribution" because we had not CLOSE "above" previous closing candles in Phase A or Phase B.

Here is 2018 Distribution in which we had NO "Up-Thrust After Distribution" but we had MULTIPLE "Up-Thrust/Last Point of Supply" events in Phase D before we FINALLY fell down with a "Sign of Weakness" in Phase E. Again... There was NO "UTAD" because we had NO CLOSE "above" previous closing candles in Phase A and B.

Comment: UPDATE:

24-hour Time Frame:

RED TEXT BUBBLE < for those requiring Google Translator >
Blue Line already below white level 30. If the Red Line falls below
white level 30 the next 24-hour candle, we are looking at continuing
downward toward the Aqua Lower B-Band. The Aqua Lower B-Band
is currently rising. So, the price of the Aqua Lower B-Band the NEXT
24-hour candle may be around $18,000.
Comment: UPDATE:

12-hour time frame:

Blue Text Bubble < for those requiring Google Translator >
We already have visible sign of expansion down just before the Blue Line
has fallen below Yellow Level 50 along with the Red Line that is already
below Yellow Level 50.

If the Blue Line continues falling below White Level 30 over the next
several 12-hour candles, we can anticipate Stage 2 expansion down of
the B-Bands. When "both" the Red and Blue Lines have crossed above or
below Yellow Level 50, this creates an opportunity for Stage 1 expansion
of the B-Bands.
Comment: UDPATE:

2-Day and 3-Day time frames:


Red and Blue Lines are both below white level 30.
We also see the White Energy just now falling below
Yellow Level 50. Since, the Green Line is at Aqua
Level 10 along with the other lines and White Energy
at their current levels, the odds have increased for
the price action to continue toward the Aqua Lower
B-Band in proximity of $18,000.

GRAY TEXT BUBBLE in the 3-Day:

If the White Energy falls back toward Yellow Level 50 the next 3-Day candle
along with the Green Line continuing to fall the next 3-Day candle, we are
subject to see more continued expansion down and price action going down
with this expansion.

BLUE TEXT BUBBLE in the 3-Day:

Yes, it is POSSIBLE for the Green Line to turn UP the NEXT 3-Day candle. The
reason I'm mentioning this is because the Red and Blue Lines are BOTH rising
together. If they cross above white/aqua level 20 together WITH the Green
Line rising, we can see the price action go back up from the aqua lower b-band
to the white lower b-band. However, the price of the white lower b-band will
be lower than the current price of the white lower b-band due to the b-bands
currently decending.
Comment: UPDATE:

The Lower B-Bands are continuing to DESCEND just as the Red and Blue Lines are also descending in the 4-Day, 5-Day and 6-Day. The Red Line is still quite a ways from white level 30 in all three time frames; indicating we have quite a while yet to come before we even attempt to rise up from the white lower b-band toward the yellow b-band basis. Especially, since the Red Line is still DESCENDING in the 4-Day, 5-Day and 6-Day time frames.

Is it possible to trend sideways between $17,500 and $20,500 for a while in POTENTIAL accumulation? Sure, it's possible but I would be careful about making a flat statement saying this will for certain be the case.

Here is the 4-Day, 5-Day and 6-Day time frames:
Comment: UPDATE:

The B-Bands were "holding off" from EXPANDING in the 8-Hour time frame for quite a while. Even with the Red and Blue Lines BOTH below level 50. When this DELAY of expansion down occurs, we can often expect HIGH INCREASED ODDS of expansion down beginning once the Red and Blue Lines BOTH fall below white level 30. Such as seen THIS CURRENT 8-hour candle. < 8-hr. is in bottom right corner >
Comment: UPDATE:

This is the Mid Term Group of time frames (4-Day, 8-Day, 9-Day, 10-Day, 11-Day, 12-Day, 13-Day and 2-Week). When the Red and Blue Lines BOTH fall below yellow level 50, this can result in Stage 1 expansion down. When the Red and Blue Lines BOTH fall below White Level 30, this can result in Stage 2 expansion down. When the Red and Blue Lines are BOTH below white/aqua Level 20, this can result in Stage 3 expansion down. As you can see, BOTH the Red and Blue Lines in the ENTIRE MID TERM GROUP are AT LEAST below white level 30. Some are below white/aqua level 20 and some are below aqua level 10. This is WHY we are having MORE CONTINUED EXPANSION DOWN in the Mid Term Group of Time Frames.

Yes, this is some valuable gold nuggets. However, I can assure you, there is MUCH MORE TO LEARN THAN WHAT I'M SHARING IN THIS PUBLICATION. The only reason I'm sharing this is to peak your interest to consider learning more with me.

Comment: UPDATE:

This is the Long Term Group of time frames. IF YOU READ THE PREVIOUS POST, you would UNDERSTAND "WHY" we are seeing MORE EXSPANSION DOWN in this ENTIRE Long Term Group of Time Frames (8-Day, 15-Day, 16-Day, 17-Day, 18-Day, 19-Day, 20-Day, 3-Week):

Comment: UPDATE:

The following chart is the MACRO GROUP of time frames (11-Day, 22-Day, 23-Day, 24-Day, 25-Day, 26-Day, 27-Day and 4-Week).


Look at the 25-Day (Bottom Left Corner): We are six days into this 25-Day candle and we see when this 25-Day candle began, the Red and Blue Lines were BOTH BELOW WHITE LEVEL 30. Which means we could anticipate more expansion DOWN in the current 25-Day candle at the OPEN of this candle. Well, what did we get? We got more expansion down didn't we.

Look at the 26-Day time frame (Bottom Left of Center). You see we have 1-Day and 13-Hours remaining before a NEW 26-Day candle begins. WHY is this important? Well, look at the current level of the Red and Blue Lines in the 26-Day time frame. Don't you see the Red and Blue Lines are BOTH approaching White Level 30? Yes, they are... This indicates we have increased odds of even more expansion down.

I want you to NOTE the Aqua Dotted Line in all time frames of the MACRO GROUP. The Aqua Dotted Line is the 100 Moving Average. You can see the price of the Aqua Dotted 100-MA to the right in the price bar of each time frame. The reason I'm pointing this out is to let you know WHY I'm saying the Orange Lower B-Band in the 11-Day time frame; which is at approximately $11,4xx; is similar to the current price level of the 100-MA in the 25-Day and 26-Day time frames. This was another reason WHY I gave you a POTENTTIAL target of PROXIMITY to $14,xxx in the first paragraph of this publication.

Here is the MACRO GROUP of time frames:
Comment: UPDATE:

THERE WAS A "TYPO>>>" I accidentally said the Orange Lower B-Band in the 11-Day time frame is approximately $11,xxx. I meant to say, "$14,xxx..."

NOT $11,xxx

BUT $14,xxx
Comment: UPDATE:

I'm getting some sleep now, everyone!

Thank you for your clicking the like icon, for your valuable time and for those who commented.

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!
Comment: UPDATE:

Here is recent publication for Bitcoin:

BTCUSD: Not Looking Good in the 1-Month Time Frame - Explained
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I'm posting a comment by someone who thinks I'm "sinister" for not telling everyone everything I know on this platform. I'm also posting my reply...


2 hours ago

TradingView for Android

@hallrichard131 wow this game is like poker. you can learn in 5 minutes but takes a lifetime to master. recommend learning chart reading off site first, babypips is great. later or simultaneously, you can browse ideas for your favorite pairs to find methods and indicators matching your personal dogma. anyone that will spoonfeed you info without revealing the full picture is sinister. protect yourself by educating yourself.



1 minute ago


HOW THE HELL am I being "sinister" by NOT sharing everything here on this platform?

I LABOR my ass off for years DEVOLOPING, ENGINEERING, PLANNING, DESIGNING, etc... and I'm supposed to pass along my knowledge FOR FREE? Are you kidding me?


Some have more value than others...

Some invest tens of thousands; even hundreds of thousands on a college education TO INCREAE THEIR INTELLECTUAL VALUE. Why? So, they can increase their FINANCIAL VALUE...

It's people like you who are part of the damn problem in this world. Damn socialist/communist who THINK others have to labor their ass off and give you FOR FREE the fruits of their labor. Well, I'm DONE with that crap! I'm SICK of that crap!

Yes, people can do their own research, create their own things, etc... That's NOT my issue with their statement. My "issue" with their statement is them calling people who work hard in life to increase their self worth are somehow being "sinister." That's like saying everyone who PAYS to go to college to increase their intellectual worth are sinister if they do not freely pass that knowledge along to others when they get out of college.

Do you think I have not PAID for educating myself with the THOUSANDS OF HOURS I've invested into this creation? Is my TIME not valuable? People fail to realize TIME is the most valuable commodity in the universe! PERIOD... If my TIME has no value, then I have no value. You have no value... All of our TIME here on this earth is null and void; without meaning... desolate...


THEREFORE, everyone's TIME has value.

Some have more value than others. How so? Because some have invested more TIME than others to increase their own VALUE...

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