#bitcoin best signals of 2018 just confirmed see notes on chart

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Enclosed is an update of another study/post, also Monday 17 Dec is one year on from peak in 2017 so I've enclosed some charts of previous years for comparison

Comment: Study MACD 2018 (Only when signal lines < zero) Mark: all 1st 3 pinks in Histo white; all 1st dys up in Signal Line brown; all 1st dys up & down in MACD blue Take 1st brown vertical after white & box volatility between candle before & after in orange Close breakout can signal trend or near end Not advice DYOR. Could try and refine using MACD blue verticals and including other brown verticals. Have edited them out to keep it simple.
Comment: Update bitcoin breakout see notes on chart, and notes on chart at the top of this thread
Comment: #bitcoin update broke out box. Thought to publish visual of all box signals 2018 referred in my previous posts with construct details. With orange box breakout has to be close Yellow allowed one whipsaw per signal Black none seen yet. Not Advice DYOR