BTC waiting for a growth of 50%

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I think today many are sad about such steep fall, but things are not as bad as they look, in my opinion.

Looking at the weekly and 2 weekly TF, we see convergence along the MACD , convergence on such TFs, as a rule, can give a significant impetus. I would also like to note that convergence is triple (class A), which reinforces the buy signal. I also noticed that just before decoupling, the price can go sharply in the opposite direction, and then return quickly as well. Also, in my purely subjective red channel, now the price is exactly in the middle of this channel, I don’t say that the fall will end now (although the shorts are closed just in case)), I think we are essentially still globally in channel 3200- $ 4200 and we will bargain for some time. We must still remember to call the 'shorts', whose stops on the growth run should be eaten))

But I am an optimist, so I’ll wait for the return of the price of $ 4200 and from there try a long one with a view to 6k or buy around $ 3000. Battle plan will show