COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Here we have another Bitcoin chart which we made for you guys to outline various circumstances and to show you best entry positions for various investors whether you're into long term or short term.

As is visible on chart, our best support in term of firmness and bounce potential is in zone $5,700 - $5,800 depending on which exchange you're using. This support has been with us for long time since November of last year.

If that support was to break, we would be looking at our secondary support around $5,300 which also has good bounce potential, however before our main support is broken, let's not look at it.

In regards to entry zones!

1. Investors who are ok with entering in high risk market, therefor increasing their loss/profit chances can look at entry point around $5,800 zone +- $75

2. Investors who want safe entry positions should begin looking at either of the 3 of outlined entry positions. Short to long term can enter at $7,700 - $7,800 with Stop Loss at 2.5% - 7% from purchase price, depending on your risk taking ability .

3. Investor who want safe entry for medium to long te