1 Million Dollar BTC by July 2019?

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I know it's a distant and improbable dream, but... if Bitcoin             keeps in line with the red trend line (which started the bull run since March 31st), we might see 31K BTC             by May 2018, 170K BTC             by Christmas 2018 and 1M BTC             by July 2019!

Highly improbable, but a man can dream.
Man i found your predictions and finally someone with sense in graphs, fractal growth and harmonic. Good job. See my prediction also. You are very smart and is out of the normal bubble that enclose the people eyes.
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Dream like a boss!!
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I like your prediction, similar targets by this rate
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Fingers crossed. Keep sharing your dreams, please!
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All poor bitches would become Queens then. Highly improbable. BUT we will see 100k some day.
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Historically, we've been a lot closer to the green trend line (it's more of a channel really). This recent bull run represents hyperexponential growth which is impossible to sustain for long. Last time we went hyperexponential was from Feb 2013 to Dec 2013, and preceded a 2 year bear market until the price again returned to the green trend line.

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It would be closer to the truth if BTC was the only crypto and tech. There’s thousands of others now. Also, it’s free. Did I mention it’s free? Anybody can create their own crypto and blockchain. All companies have figured thus out. The lost personal souls giving up their money haven’t. But they will.

nice dream, don't wake up!
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Haha nice and fun graph, i actually like it.
Too bad BTC wasnt created in March 2017.
Everybody has the right to dream... Isn't it what keeps us alive and hoping?
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what about this?
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