2-year Trade Marathon. Weekly stats #2

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It's time to share the trading results within the 2-year marathon . This is only 2 weeks of this experiment. You can see all the details of the experiment and the first publication of analytics in our previous idea:

This trading week in the crypto market we met in USDT. On Friday, our long positions were knoking out at profitable and break-even stops and we were waiting for the beginning of next week.

The week was morally difficult for traders and investors who trade without stops. And for us the week did not seem as profitable as last. The fact is that it is too late to enter the short position after a heavy downpour. You can fall into the trap:
And you need to look for longs very carefully, because the mood in the market has significantly changed.

During the week we made 8 trades, 5 of which are not closed yet.

On the medium-term deposit on Tuesday, 23 February, we intended to buy 4 coins:
BNB, LINK ADA DOT. However, only LINK and BNB prices reached our orders, and even on these coins not all our orders worked out.

As a result, we took two profitable trades, catching an average of 20% of the price movement for each coin.

Though, due to incomplete orders, the return on the medium-term deposit was 1% for BNB and 0.75% for LINK.

At the moment, we are in 5 positions on the medium-term deposit and next week we will record the results of the positions.

As for the short-term deposit
, we made only 1 trade, which turned out to be unprofitable. It was a DOGEUSDT trade. After the growth impulse, we expected it to continue after a small correction in the triangle. But the format of the correction turned out to be a little different and our position was knocked out:
An interesting fact is that after the stop, the price after a while still began to grow. However, such a trade required a much larger stop than we set.

As a result, for the previous week:
medium-term deposit +2.53% (1.74% of the total deposit)
short-term deposit (-1.43%) (-0.43% of the total deposit)
That is, for the previous week 1.31% of the profit on the total deposit was recorded. Given the specifics of trading in the cryptocurrency market - we are pleased with the result.

The overall result for 2 weeks +10.88%.

P.S. Below we have attached trade statistics:

How was your trading week? Write comments and share your experience!
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