BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hey guys. I've spotted some nice indicators on the BTC charts and they do appear to be lined up well so I feel more confident in more upside continuation.

MACD suggests a small pullback , HOWEVER , RSI is showing some bullish divergence ... THEY CAN BOTH HAPPEN and I think they will.

So as you can see on the chart, this has a good chance of creating a nice inverse head & shoulders pattern with 15%= gains if you go long from the neckline confirmation area. The SAFEST WAY to play this is to wait for the Inverse H&S pattern to complete and then see an upside breakout from the neckline!

A more aggressive entry would be to go long after the pullback and bounce from the 46k area.

This will definitely bring alt-coins up as well so it would be a good idea to see which ones are in the best position to pump when/if BTC is about to breakout!

The downside targets if 45K-46K support fails or we get rejected at the neckline while attempting to complete the right shoulder!

What do you guys think? I think this is a good opportunity!
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*** Disclaimer; This is an IDEA based off of my experience and is not to be considered professional advice as I am not a professional investment advisor. I ALWAYS recommend doing your own research before investing in anything ***