#bitcoin #SELL SELL SELL MAYBE. Check yourself.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
#bitcoin #SELL SELL SELL MAYBE. Check yourself. Construction mark all consecutive Williams Fractal highs both must show MACD Histogram in green >0 boxed yellow. When next flip red 0< box with purle from there to the low. Then with stats work out your strategy. NOT ADVICE. DYOR.
Comment: Here's how the above looked on the weekly in 2018
Comment: Would love to get excited with some bullish signal. This one is currently bearish.
Comment: CBOE 10 YR Treasury Note Yield RSI clue to Bitcoin bottom maybe
Using TRX plus RSI and Bitcoin plus RSI looks like Bitcoin could still retest lows.
Comment: Bitcoin ticking up like prelude to another S&P500 drop maybe NOT ADVICE. D.Y.O.R.
Comment: Same yellow box maybe forming as 22 September. Will depend on whether S&P has peaked. If by the end of today 10th Feb market closes down then that will confirm a yellow box. Then go with breakout or whipsaw. Have included other yellow box signals on chart. Not Advice. DYOR
Comment: Well yellow box did not happen so I got to stay bullish for now and stick with the breakout which happened 8th Feb. Would need review if price suddenly broke down below $3,475.3