BTC Predicted path...100% accurate :) 50% ROI in Bear Market

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So I made this chart for a conference call for my private telegram group on the 25th of Jan. I reviewed this chart with my group is a great resource tool to incorporate how far south the market will hit across the board. It has thus far hit 100% accuracy.

BTC is on a downtrend due to multiple theories and reasons. Every beginning of the year markets dips because the big players in Asia either pull money for the Chinese New Year, taxes, etc. Alongside with the FUD involving Bitfinex & Tether Subpoena and general panic selling we can expect the market to bottom out at the second support level and have some small positive retracement.

It is up to the market to see how far north it will go. I think it will try to hit the top of the channel again before tapering off and continuing its downward trajectory. We won't really see huge bullish action until end of Feb - Early March.

REMEMBER PEOPLE GET RICH IN BEAR MARKETS NOT BULL MARKETS. its all about market positioning and using the downtime to do your research.

Follow this chart for solid %'s in your trade. My private group has made at least 14% on the short and 18% on the rise. Another 18% on the dip south. 50% Total in 6 days in a bear market. Not too bad.

Consistency is what we need in our trades to be effective and profitable. I will drop another BTC chart when we hit the end of my projected timeline. It will be at that point where I can figure out if we are heading down to $8k or resume a normal growth trajectory. We will not attack ATH for another 1.5-2 months.


Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

Hope you all are well and happy hunting :)


Comment: :) This TA is coming along nicely. Keep your eyes on the prize and committed to the strategy you set in stone.

6 days in since I created the TA! Timing and patience is what is required to be a successful trader and investor in any market!

Again, thank you all for the kind private messages. I truly appreciate all of the words and support. Keep it up guys and if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment and a like! That way the community can benefit as a whole.

GL and Happy Hunting.
Comment: I updated my TA on how the market might move. Anything in $8k and below are great long term pricing. if you are in for a day trade go ahead and follow this chart.

Again, NBD if price action goes into red. Long term pricing is great. $25-30k BTC will be hit in Q2-Q3.

You forgot the sun at the ATH and the rays.
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Hello like your chart and vieuw.
You have a update if BTC will drop more then it did today? Want to get in back again and don't lose to much.
Appreciate your work. Keep going the good job!
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regalia Dosje
@Dosje, HI bud! I dropped an updated TA :) sorry for the late response. i had a conference call with my TG group on discord and we discussed it hitting the bottom of the ch.
So we ganna see some pump before it's go to 8k ??
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regalia pitchi
@pitchi, Everytime we see a long downturn in price action the market recovers to a degree. So yes, we should see a positive price action. Mind you when I drew this TA the Tether Subpoena was not on the table. This can affect how far north the price action will go.

The only way the negative price action continues is if there is further news that continues to feed it. One such case we can look towards is the US Government's findings of Cryptocurrency.

Trump had a small % of the military budget to go into research of crypto and government applications. The report is suposed to be completed in Feb. So we are entering the critical point for BTC price action. If the US Gov't discovers shady dealings involving Tether or Bitfinex or any other major exchange/coin it can drive the market further southward.

We can expect a full recovery in about 2 months.
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pitchi regalia
@regalia, Thank you so much for the explanation a love the way how you do your technecal analasysit not only the chart but the media as well
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regalia pitchi
@pitchi, thanks for your support and kind words buddy :) hmu if you have any questions or concerns, always here as a positive and honest resource.
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Whats your TG group?
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regalia Dormat
@Dormat, Hola Dormat! Pls PM me.
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