BTCUSD Is Strongly Bullish, where it can stop?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
We explained about this upcoming rise when we had fake breakout :

and then as confirmation of pump, we need that the black trendline break and it happened and the pump continues.

Now we have a valid resistance zone ahead that we may see some correction there at least if not dump happen, what do you think? (lets discuss in the comment section)

Notice: daily resistance on 40K and now is local resistance too.

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Comment: Price is trying to break our restistance zone?
Comment: new update:
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Really comforting to see so much data backing up the bullish price movement we've seen recently. So many signs of strength!
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Good idea
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Very nice, lets make some money boys
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clean work and thx for the heads up :)
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Very good Idea. Thank you!
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What is your rule for stop placement?
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Seems logical.
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same target

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otaku-trader otaku-trader
@otaku-trader, and previous one

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Best post!Thanks a lot
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