Remember we are still in a bull trap to between 58xx and 6400

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Remember we are still in a bull trap to between 58xx and 6400 and its going to move down to between 2500 and 19xx.
so work on your exit stragedy and dont fall for this trick.

Comment: This (bull trap ) is a nice play running currently and this move to 4900 is part of the play so dont be tricked ,
Comment: This current play will terminate when the BTC hits between (25xx and 19xx). Then a new play will begin.
Comment: Ahem ...Now this is not trading advice ( really its not ) - but id keep an eye on XRP and get a few of this fellow for the ride up - as i suspect its time for XRP to do its thing and go nuts on the crypto charts.
Comment: Many people do not notice on the BTC graph that the 58xx to 6k area is support that held for one year . Yup that right , this support held from Sept 2017 to Nov 2018. This is not going to be a trivial resistance for BTC to move past . Its going to take BTC many months, effort, money and a lot of volume to move past this level.
- And I suspect if BTC does move past this 58xx level to the 6400 area, this move will most likely abull-trap and the bears are going to liquidate many people. Do not blindly follow the crowd and fall for these silly games.
Comment: Now i could be wrong and BTC could make a mega green candle and blow through the 5800 to 64xx area and move to 73xx area. Now if that happens ill agree the bear market is over.


2500 1900 only in your dreams. Same as when moonboys thought we will go higher than 20k to 50k..same applies bear boys

You think its gonna go to 2500 1900. It aint happening. Likely it will test 3150 area for a double bottom and take off
mycotoxin Darkside999
@wildbeast, relax and take life easy .. all will be revealed ...