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...and here it is, finally. Sorry for the short delay, had a birthday of my child. He became one year old - whooopwhooop :)

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for answering in the comment section. My first idea post over 1000 likes and more than 700 comments, thank you for making this series so awesome, hopefully, it will continue for a long time.

There were mentioned more than 200 different coins, we have some newcomers on the list which is great but most importantly, this topic will show which are the most popular coins to keep an eye on. It is also fun for me to see which coins are on the top and which ones will be left behind.

Here is the list of top mentioned coins:

1. ADA (64 votes)
2. XRP (59 votes)
3. VET (49 votes)
4. DOGE ( 40 )
5. XLM (35)
6. ETH (33)
7. BTT (32)
8. SOL (31)
9. BNB (30)
10. HOT (30)
11. LTC
12. TRX
14. DOT
15. LINK
16. SC
17. REEF
18. CAKE
20. CHZ

Cardano (ADA) has been on the top of the list for the second month in a row. Since the beginning of the series, it has been on the top two every single time, so considering the data of mine, the most popular coin is ADA. Others will switch places more often and the pattern is - if the coin currently pumping then it will be on the top of the list. Basically, everyone would love to jump in and feels a bit FOMO, did I missed it, how can I get in and etc.
In general, it is good to ask for technical analysis for that case but you will only get lower prices. You have to wait for a throwback to jump in your favorite coins which are skyrocketing...and yes, sometimes it will go without touching the mentioned area but you know what, there are thousands of coins, wait for another opportunity to come!

Why I pointed the previous topic is that because my lower prices can be the same. Some of them may not come to my shown area but if they do, the rejections have been almost 100%. Yes, almost all of them got a rejection from my pointed areas and a properly made technical analysis allows these price levels to be identified to put your money to work as fast as possible!

I have seen some comments that my lower price levels are a bit conservative and maybe too low. To be clear, and I have said it previously - I don't know when, I don't know why but if the price comes to my shown areas, only then I'm interested in it. Only then I feel comfortable buying it. I'll try to give you an example: Try to push yourself on a surfboard on the water, you cannot jump too far but if you push yourself from the ground you can jump much further - and so as my pointed lower prices. If I put these levels higher, yes, they can do some small jumps, or maybe even go to the sky (especially in these days in the crypto) but in general, I feel more comfortable if I see strong criteria to support the bounce to the higher prices.

Here are also breakout areas or possibilities, to follow them use smaller risk because buying from higher prices needs extra attention, one deeper correction and if you don't use stop-loss orders you might be in trouble.

Breakout opportunity ( Daily timeframe ):
A bit unclear breakout area to buy the strength but if we get a Daily candle close above the current ATH then wait for a retest and try to buy it around $1.4

Waiting for a correction:
At the moment, cannot see any strong buying areas from lower prices. If the correction starts then ask me in the comment section because the price needs to show a bit more price action to determine the lower buying areas.

Breakout opportunity (4H timeframe):
Wait for a break above $1.66 and wait for a retest of the shown breakout area. If the trendline is still valid after the breakout then it should be quite a good retest area!

Waiting for a correction:
Channel projection and the waves of AB=CD are pointing to $0.61 to $0.9. For me, it is the area of the highest probability.

Breakout opportunity (4H timeframe):
Quite good and clean breakout opportunity to buy the strength after we have seen 4h candle close above $0.22!

Waiting for a correction:
Cannot narrow just a single buying area just pointed out some stronger support levels.

Breakout opportunity:
Not a single one.

Waiting for a correction:
You should keep an eye on 0.345 - 0.45

Breakout opportunity (4h timeframe):
Wait for a 4h candle close above 0.571, which is currently a strong resistance, and then wait for a retest of the shown area which starts to act as a support after the break above.

Waiting for a correction:
Cannot narrow just a single buying area just pointed out some stronger support levels.

Breakout opportunity:
Not a single one.

Waiting for a correction:
Pointed out some areas where you want to look for. The first one and actually the strongest one should stay between 2300 - 2500. Trendline, Fibo 38%, and some important price zone matching each other in this range. If the correction is a bit deeper then you cannot forget $2000.

At the moment, sitting nicely inside the buying area. If you wait for confirmation then wait for a Daily candle close above 0.0078 and technically it would be good to make a buy after that!

Breakout opportunity:
Wait for a 4h candle close above the current ATH , above $50, then wait for a retest of it.

Waiting for a correction:
Keep an eye on 23 to 32 dollars. Set alerts and one day you can buy it from these levels, at least I'll be waiting for it.

Breakout opportunity:
At the moment cannot see any strong areas for break and retest to recommend.

Waiting for a correction:
A bit wide area but it should give you clue from where it should be technically a good spot to buy it. $330 to $445 is technically a perfect spot to grab it.

Breakout opportunity:
Quite a strong and important zone just above the current price. Let it show the strength of growth, wait for a strong 4h candle close above the shown area and it should give you a confirmation for further rallies.

Waiting for a correction:
Cannot narrow just a single buying area just pointed out some stronger support levels.

DONE!! Probably I'll add some more in the near future but definitely the hardest post of the series because it was quite hard to find some lower price levels. At the moment some breakout areas are quite strong so keep an eye on them and if the correction starts then also you should find something interesting from this post.

If you found something interesting then do not forget o hit the like button! Also do not forget to follow because the series of altcoin buying areas come back in the next month! ;)

Stay healthy,

Comment: 11) SIACOIN - SC/USD
Breakout opportunity:
Comment: 12) LITECOIN - LTC/USD
Currently got a rejection from a minor trendline which acted as a resistance level. Was a great opportunity to take out some partial profits to buy it back from lower prices.
Waiting for a correction:
Strong buying area should stay around $250.
Waiting for a correction:
Haven't seen a deeper correction so, set your alerts around $30 and grab it from lower prices if the correction happens. Definitely set your alerts because IF the correction comes, then it should be quite fast!
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Love this! Thank you for all your hard work. Well deserving of Editors pick!!
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VaidoVeek Wicktator
@Wicktator, you’re welcome and also thank you for the feedback! All the best!
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watchtrend VaidoVeek
@VaidoVeek, Great altcoins, and as it looks depending on ETN tool our data bitcoin shows the first signal to breakout and possible all-time high, this means good news for alt
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VaidoVeek twyisha
@twyisha, Cheeeers!
This makes it so much easier to buy more alts!! Thank you so much xx
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VaidoVeek dustyunicorn
@dustyunicorn, Hi, you're welcome, It so nice to hear that it helped a bit ;)
Cheers and ty! ;)
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VaidoVeek RobRobin
@RobRobin, oohh...thank you for that bro! Cheers!
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Wow!, very interesting and superb analysis! Thank you so much!
I am only missing ETC in the list.
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