BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis December 3

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Only 30 Min chart ,
In real time, you can check major sections and move,
Real-time "update I dea" can be checked.

I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for December 3th .

This is a 30-minute chart written on December 1st.

The blue box zone is, It's a move on the 1st.

Of course,
It was the place where the whip saw came out,
Because it is suspicious in the pattern,
Conversely, it was decided that the whip saw would not come out.

However, whipsaw happened as it was,

After rebound within the red support line,
It is finished.

This is the main section of the day.

Each major section is marked,
At the bottom is the order of MACD Golden Cross.

In the smiley section at the top / the expressionless section at the bottom,

What kind of movement could come out today,

I have a trading strategy.

For reference, Bitcoin has not yet reached the Highest point.

This is today's trading strategy.

It's a 30-minute chart, a long position strategy.

Depending on the situation, it may be a strong decline.
Be careful.

On the red support line / green resistance line,
Pay attention to the convergence section.

* Today, section Pink line No 1 is the most important.

For section No1 to remain on the rise,
It is a section that must be touched,
But , Don't break away the red support line.

Break through section 1 -> When vertically rising,
The peak of the day is the light blue resistance line at the top.

*Touch section 1 -> If adjustment appears,
Refer to the blue finger long position entry section.

*If , do not touch section 1,
According to the red arrow,
It may continue to decline.

It is a spot exchange.

All in all, altcoins have reached the RSI overbought section.

If you proceed,
Running with "Bitcoin" seems the most advantageous.

Yesterday, because I was off the analysis,
Depending on the time today,
I will write a NASDAQ analysis .

Have a nice day.

And, thank you for reading.

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How is this screenshot an example of simplicity? I'm mystified. 🤔
BitCoinGuide StewySongs
@StewySongs, Hello.

I use Bollinger Band waves.
MACD Golden Cross, Dead Cross and, by time
The main section of day is calculated on a 30-minute chart.

Thank you.
Totally right mate
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@BitCoinGuide really nice set up
@TRADESBYZION, Thank you so much