BITCOIN The path to $250k is revealed.

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) has been on a minor pull-back phase in the past 5-6 weeks and that is again inflicting fear in the weak hands of the market participants. However, this should make us lose sight of the bigger picture and BTC's long-term goal. This chart on the 1W time-frame illustrates a very unique pattern that splits BTC's historic price action into 4 phases that can potentially reveal the next cyclical Top.

** The Two Phases **
As you see, the Cycles are divided into Bear-to-Bear (blue) and Bull (green) Phases. The Bear-to-Bear begins at the start of the Bear Cycle and ends at the bottom of the next Bear Cycle. The Bull Phase starts on that bottom and ends at the top before the Bear begins. We are currently on the new Bull Phase, which in accordance to the previous Bull Phase, the price is pulling back (circle) towards the 1W MA50 (blue trend-line) that is technically the long-term Support during this part of the Cycle. The 1W RSI is pulling back after turning overbought early last month, similar to what happened on December 14 2015. Based on that, we are expected to form a bottom within the next 2 weeks.

** The RSI symmetry **
The 1W RSI is particularly helpful when it comes to mapping those Phases and identifying identical spots in time, as the symmetry between Phases is astounding. The Cycle Top is easily revealed by the RSI, followed by Lower Highs that drive it to an oversold state, where investors can start buying again. Another distinct characteristic is the Overbought Volatility of the RSI as the price rises within its Bull Phase.

** The Cyclical Pivot **
What is perhaps the most important part of this cheat-sheet, is the Cyclical Pivot trend-line. That starts at the bottom of the Bear-to-Bear Phase, supports all the way and then gets broken at the start of the Bull Phase. The key attribute is that when BTC hit it again on December 11 2017, the Bull Phases Top was formed. As a result, we can argue that when BTC hits the new Cyclical Pivot trend-line again, we could have the new cyclical Top. Since the Phases have been fairly proportional so far, we can expect the new Bull Phase to last for at least 152 weeks (1064 days), and by that time a technical contact with the Cyclical Pivot can be at around $250k.

But what do you think? Can $250000 be the new Top? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!


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