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January 8th resistance of $40,000+ is very strong and bulls need to flip this into support to have a valid case.

Tether & binance being investigated, this is not going to end well mark my words.

You bulltards are full of hopium, naybe it's because your bags are underwater from buying at $65,000 lol.

$42,000 - $45,000 is strong resistance.

I bet the same one's who shorted $30,000 are the same ones longing now, these clowns are full of ego and have no idea how to trade.

Called this move just before it exploded 7:30pm before daily close Sunday around $34,000.

Know your place bulltards.


fuck up bro, bulltards need to wake the fuck up or getting scammed
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Hopium on monthly close above 12 MEMA. Double monthly indecision candles with with the bodies above key support (~5 days left). Currently, this month is green. Monthly RSI would tick up similar to mid 2013. Daily bullish descending wedge breakout that led to this rally, with imminent contrarian bullish 100/200 DEMA XO. Both moving averages are key resistance (both around the psychological $40k).
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Nice trend, thanks
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Your target is what? 3500?
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@ImminentDebacle no lol that’s just the lowest point on chart
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ImminentDebacle YurloTrades
@YurloTrades, Whew!
Because many cycle top indicators show that 65k was not the top. Because this sideways motion without major dumps or bull traps is sus.
Yes, it must break 41-42k and go steadily higher to continue bullrun. Dropping to 20k would mean bear market.
I don't margin trade, my bags cannot be in a loss, because I earned everything from zero by only investing time and electricity (mining, airdrops, signature compaigns, etc etc etc), and I'm still bullish in this cycle.
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YurloTrades Mikanoshi
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