BTCUSD - 3.55% Gain for $1M+ Accounts. Short Still Open!

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
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Trading Method: Martin Trend Trader
Indicators Used: Six

LIVE Trade Success: -1.68% or 3.55% gained for early entry traders.

Update: For those of you who are trading with multi-million dollar accounts that entered on the red bar alert at the bottom of the chart, I am suggesting that you exit the rest of your position. As explained in the video, those of you who have done this are up right around 3.55% total gained which has accounted for about 24% of your yearly goal of 15% gains so congratulations! Those of our traders that have entered into the market with this short alert, I'm suggesting holding on to your position and let's see where this candle closes. If this candle closes above the entry point, I'm suggesting to remove 50% of your position since the price might shoot back up. If the price does continue down, then you will have 50% of your trade still making profits which is great! Below are the indicators that are being used to make these successful gains. Get them today, set up the alerts, (show in the video below), and come trade along! Enjoy the profits!

Get The Indicators We're Using:
Martin Trend Candles + Color Change Alert
Martin Trend Candles Trailing Stop and Early Exit
Martin Profit Lines + Buy/Sell Alert
Martin ‘Drop Coming’ Signal Warning Before Price Drops
Martin 'Rise Coming' Signal Before Price Jumps
Martin Trend Profits

Watch this video tutorial on how to set up alerts, and find successful trades with the Martin Trend Trader method:

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🙏 Customer Testimonials:
But if say I went in with just 3rd of my portfolio would you still recommend exiting 50% ?
Which brings another question in your opinion how much of your port are you trading with in any given trade ? Would be interested in your thoughts
@Phillip78, Great question! Yes, when I suggest a 50% exit that means that 50% of the trade position be exited. As far as positions sizing, I have some traders enter with their entire capital amount which isn't a bad idea at all when trends are established so nicely like they are on the charts with the current indicator settings. Position sizing really comes down to what you feel comfortable trading. I'll say this, I know people who use there entire balance (thousands of dollars) on every long and short position and I also know some that trade 1-5% of there portfolio for every long and short. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you personally feel comfortable with. Hope this helps!
Candle closed below price think I'll take your advice and exit 50% out
@Phillip78, Good call! This is what I'm having out traders do as well. You can always ride the rest of the 50% and there will be more entry points along the way down if we keep going. Very smart move on your end!
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